Kylie Jenner Would Reportedly Be Paid Over $100k To Celebrate 18th Birthday

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Kylie Jenner turns 18 next month and quite a number of people have taken note of that.

The reality star who recently graduated from high school is said to be in talks with a club owner who intends to fly her to Montreal, Canada six days after her 18th birthday which is August 16, where she would host a party, bring her celebrity pals and be photographed blowing out the candles on her birthday cake.

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The gig would also be paying her over a hundred thousand dollars and all she would be expected to do is “appearance”.

Wow, sounds like such hard work.

Kylie’s party would feature a pool on a “party mini Island, A list DJs and alcohol”.

And even though she cannot legally drink yet in America, she would be able to do it in Canada.

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According to Daily Mail, tickets for this party range between $40 – $150.

So just in case y’all want to go party with Kylie, you know how much tickets go for.

PS: Her birthday cake is said to cost $3,000 which is not less than 500,000 naira.



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