Kylie Jenner Tweets On Finishing High School, Says “Oh AND I finished School Last Week”

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Kylie Jenner has received quite the backlash over the last few months on everything from messing with Tyga, to looking more and more like someone’s great aunt and for not finishing school like her mates.

However, Kylie Jenner has revealed that she finished high school last week.

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The 17 year old reality star revealed on Twitter yesterday before she went to bed that she might not constantly tweet constantly about school but she did get home schooled and she finished last week.

Kylie's tweet

Kylie's tweet 2


US Weekly  has confirmed this on their website saying, “A source confirms to US Weekly that Kylie has indeed completed her high school education”.

Kylie turns 18 on August 10.



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  1. She did NOT say she graduated, She said “I finished:. BIG difference. As in, “I’m finished”. I say this loser dropped out of home school.

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