Kim Kardashian Tells Caitlyn Jenner,”You Don’t Have To Bash Us”

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Caitlyn Jenner’s show on E! would be revealing quite a lot of things that went down behind the Caitlyn Jenner transitioning.

And one of those things include Kim Kardashian’s reaction to some of the things that involved Caitlyn’s transition.

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You might remember that Caitlyn had some uncool words for his ex wife, Kris Jenner when the Vanity Fair cover debuted some months ago. Apparently, those words did not go unnoticed by Kris’ children especially Khloe and Kim.

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Now, in a clip showing Kim in Caitlyn’s new show I Am Cait, Kim is seen telling Caitlyn, “You look amazing but you don’t have to bash us.”

This comment is assumed to be a response to Caitlyn’s uncool words for Kris Jenner, as Khloe Kardashian allegedly tweeted and deleted a tweet where she expressed her disappointment in Caitlyn’s interview regarding her mother.

The Kardashians and their never ending drama.




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  1. How exactly is Cait bashing the K’s? By saying they support & visit her only when camera’s are present? Seems to be pretty obvious. That Kris is a controlling bitc*, who treated Bruce like crap? We saw that on the show. Kim’s use of “bashing” seems to translate into, ” You get more media coverage than I do”. Maybe it’s just time to walk away from those using him for a camera prop and giving the illusion they are human beings. They are Kardashians – enough said.

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