Kenyan Vixen, Vera Sidika Gets Even Bigger Booty. See Transformation Pics

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Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika made headlines in 2014 after admitting that she spent $117,000 (N27 million then) to bleach her skin and get breast implants.

It seems she has not stopped there as she is now even ‘whiter’ with more booty, probably thanks to her Nigerian ‘boyfriend’.

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During an interview, she revealed her hair costs about $2500 – N400,000, her shoes $3500 – N560,000. When the interviewer asked her how the hell she gets all this money, Vera said:

I mean my boyfriend spoils me. He’s an oil tycoon and he’s a Nigerian guy.

See pictures of how she transformed over the years *cue in Michael Jackson music.

Earliest pictures of Vera Sidika
Earliest pictures of Vera Sidika

The next set of pictures was after her first bleaching/cosmetic surgery stint.Vera-Sidika-3 Vera-Sidika-4And this is Vera Sidika now. You like?

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Vera Sidika4 Vera6 Vera5 Vera X




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