Kendrick Lamar Is All Against Racism As He Rolls Out “Alright” Video, Watch Here

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Kendrick remains the greatest; a rapper who tote a Dark and Lovely thought process and slays on any track that comes his way.

The latest is “Alright”

Before I continue, I’ll love to throw in a little piece of advice. This video is not just your cliche casual watch. Its way more than that.

You’ll need to grab a sit, relax and study it very closely. Listen to the  lyrics as they filter through your eardrums because they all ooze pure/unadulterated wisdom.

Via Hip-Hop Wire:

After blitzing his BET Awards performance, the full “Alright” video is here.

Greed, materialism, Black Hippy and salvageable futures of the youth all permeate the black and white treatment created by Colin Tilley & the little homies.

Quotable Lyrics:

I Remember You Was Conflicted, Misusing Your Influence, Sometimes I Did The Same Abusing My Power Full Of Resentment. 

Resentment That Turned Into A Deep Depression.

Found Myself Screaming In A Hotel Room.

Lucifer Was All Around Me So I Kept Running Until I Found A Safe Haven.



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