Kendall Jenner Is Receiving Backlash For Her New Fendi Campaign

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Kendall Jenner has been working hard in the fashion Industry as a model and last year alone, she walked all the major catwalks.

And not only has Kendall walked catwalks, she has also been endorsed as the face of many popular brands, one of them being Estee Lauder.

However, Kendall might be grabbing endorsements and walking her ass off but according to many fashion critics, “she is not a model”.

Kendall whose most recent fashion campaign was shot for Fendi by Karl Lagerfield himself, is currently receiving backlash for the campaign.

Kendall Jenner

Fashion Bloggers and critics are however panning the campaign with some calling it, “hands down the worst fashion campaign…”

With some saying Karl Lagerfield might have provided the right shoot but wrong model.

The model has received backlash a number of times regarding her modeling career and her size, with some saying she only got the opportunity because of her famous family.

But we don’t think Kendall is a bad model at all, do you?



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