Just In Case Y’all Thought Those Kim Kardashian Nudes Were Finished, They Are Not

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Kim Kardashian does not have issues with stripping down and that is pretty much known to everyone.

However, once upon an unbelievable time, Mrs West did not like stripping down in front of the camera.


Well, we seem to think so too.

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But here is the thing, the mother of one, who has another baby due in December, shared this photo with her  33.3million Instagram followers

Kim Kardashian nude

Well, according to Dailymail, this particular photo of Kim looking like she is wrapped in foil made her cry on one episode of KUWTK years ago.

Apparently she vowed not to get naked again after it.

If only she kept that vow.




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  1. Boring, right? Question: WHAT is that hanging between her legs or out her butt? Looks like cow vag or something. Gotta take a shower and scrub my eyeballs with Lysol & Comet

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