Jidenna Says Light-Skinned People Are Targeted By Kidnappers In Nigeria

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Light-skinned people don’t have it easy in Nigeria, according to American singer, Jidenna.


The Classic Man singer appeared on Vlad TV for an interview, where he discussed gender and racial issues.

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In his interview, Jidenna, who declared himself as “Igbo American” stated that unlike in the US, being lightskinned put you at a bigger risk in Nigeria.

He described the South-East as being “away from the city”, adding that when you’re lightskinned, you tend to stand out.

“When I went to bury my father, I had to bring a lot of AK-47s… I had to employ military commandos… Because when you’re light-skinned, you’re a heavier target for being kidnapped, because you’re seen as more valuable.”

He added that his family had been assaulted and robbed, adding that the situation for lightskinned people had it easier in America.

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Jidenna has come under criticism on social media for the comments, with many saying he conveyed a false perception and put Nigeria in a bad light.

Watch the interview below.



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  1. I am a Nigeria and i know What the man said is true.
    Caucasians and light skinned people such as biracial folks are great targets for kidnapping in Nigeria. The truth hurts, but it must be said

    1. That’s a fucking lie skin colour ain’t the issue or they would be picking the ones that beg on the streets…

  2. Caucasians, yes. Light skinned, not entirely. If you come from a rich, prominent or prestigious family, yes. But most of these types of kidnapping attempts are predominant in the south

  3. Everyone claims to speak for this country, for this continent. I wonder who the hell this populist-agitating, motherfucking, nonsense-talking American Jidenna is.

  4. Which customs post did you pass the AK47’s through? using American mentality to make up bullshit. A country where owning a pistol is illegal. mcheewww. If you’re a target, then Osaze should be a “bull’s eye”…..

  5. What he’s saying isn’t totally farfetched. I’m sure he’s speaking from experience. The medicine men kidnap and kill abino kids for rituals.

  6. Albino and light-skinned are not the same thing. And the albino issue is largely an east African thing. I work with Caucasians who drive themselves around and move without any sort of security on the streets of Port Harcourt. It depends on the perception you convey about yourself.

  7. Kidnappers will come after you if they think you are loaded. There are lots of poor light-skinned fellows who can never make it to the kidnappers’ list. Bottom line is: irrespective of your color, if you appear to them to have lots of dough, they will surely try their luck on you…
    So Jidenna or whoever, get your head around the fact and get a sound logical thought process.

  8. Seriously guys he is mixed i.e half Caucasian, half negroid, which means he is bound to look lighter than the average light-skin Nigerian as he is ‘almost’ white. And stop lying please when you say white people aren’t kidnapped a lot in Nigeria, maybe they haven’t kidnapped the ones you know but they have kidnapped many others.

    P.S: FYI ‘informed’ and ‘unignorant’ Nigerians the term ‘light-skinned’ is used abroad (where Jidenna grew up) to refer to even bi-racial people not only those who just happen to be fair even but not mixed.

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