It’s Another Saturday… #10

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Here’s a fresh episode of It’s Another Saturday

   The Bride Wrecker
Dele’s wife can be a pain in my ass sometimes. How can one be on the phone for three hours talking about nothing but asoebi, gele and designer clothes? And I dare not tell her I’m sleepy or she’ll give me the silent treatment for a whole week. I have to sit and listen to her patiently. God bless me if I don’t have an opinion about Vera Wang or Chanel. She’ll go “I don’t know how I’m even friends with you. You’re just anyhow.

“Anyhow” means that I’m not stylish. But everyone knows I am. She just likes making me feel inadequate when it comes to my fashion taste because I’m finer than her.

“So how far with Dele and you people’s fight?” I ask from nowhere, cutting off her un-ending gripe about Caitlyn Jenner.

She hisses. “He’s not talking me. Since yesterday. Just because I told him that if he doesn’t give me the money for my business, I’m going to borrow it from elsewhere. He now started raking that he knows I want to ask my ex. I told him to stop shouting like a market man. He sparked and walked out of the house. He’s not back yet. Like who even cares. All I want is my money abeg.”

I shake my head. Married people and their problems.

“When he comes back, just apologize. Then get your knees dirty.”

She mocks. “Na wa o, Hon. You’re extremely horny. The way you’ve been going on about sex these past few days…”

“Abeg shut up. I’m giving you good advice here.”

“You think sex works on men like that. Wait till you get married nau. You will cook food, give brain, give kitty, wait on him hands and feet and still he will do what he feels like. A way to man’s heart is not through the places you’ve been told.”

“It’s through where then?”

“They don’t have hearts. That’s what nobody told us.”

I erupt into uncontrollable laughter. Faintly I hear a knock on the front door. This is my opportunity to zap.

“Babe, I have to go. Jide is back.”

“Wow. It’s twelve midnight already. We actually talked for three hours, bestie. Next time you’ll be the one doing the calling o. I can’t be spending thousands on recharge card like that.”

“Okay, baby. Bye…”

“Wait! How far with you and your sexless boyfriend?”

I have dreaded her popping this question. “We’ll talk next time. Byeee!”

I hang up and jolt up from the bed as I hear another knock. Did Jide forget his key? He usually lets himself in without knocking.

I hurry to the door, pumping up my breasts. I’m very dogged on my mission to get laid by him. So far, he has kept his promise not to make love to me and it’s getting me all sorts of frustrated. Just this morning, I lost my cool and told him how how horny I was. He laughed, told me he thought I sounded adorable. Then on he went and kissed me senseless, leaving me wanting him even more. How can a man be so wicked?

I open the door and thrust my cleavage out.


There’s a petite girl standing before me. The seductive smile she has on her face disappears when it meets my frown. I stare down at her. She’s wearing this very transparent tank top that makes no attempt to hide her attention-seeking nipples. The view is so bad I can tell that the color of her areola is dark copper red. She is also wearing the smallest skirt I have seen on a female other than a stripper.

“Jide is not in,” I reply her greeting.

“Oh. He told me he was home. I’m his neighbor; I live upstairs.”

“Okay. Well, he’s not in. Is there any reason why you’re here?”

“Yeah…” She shifts her eyes uneasily.

“I came to erm…borrow pressing iron.”

“Pressing iron,” I repeat. “But there’s no light. Or do you have light in your house?”

“No. I was planning to use it in the morning when they bring the light.”

“Why don’t you wait till then to borrow it?” I suggest as politely as I can. I see her struggling with a comeback and tell myself I’m unnecessarily being a bitch.

“My name is Honey, by the way. Jide’s girlfriend.”

“I’m Ele.”

“Do you want to come in?” Curiosity invades my mind. “Looks like you can’t sleep. I can’t, either. And I need company.”


“I’ll pop champagne,” I say sweetly. She smiles and I let her in. As she walks past me, I check her out. Not bad.

I turn on a rechargeable lantern and we sit with our glasses of champagne.

“So for how long have you been sleeping with Jide?”

Champagne spills from her mouth. I wait for her to clean the mess without taking my eyes off her.

“We’re not… There’s nothing between us.”

“Come on, Ele. See how you dressed up to come and ask for pressing iron.”

“Seriously, we’re not doing anything.”
I pierce her eyes.

“Okay. We were having sex but the last time was like three weeks ago. I swear I didn’t know he had a girlfriend. He never told me.”

“So you guys haven’t done anything lately?”

“No. We’ve not even seen for two weeks now.”

“Okay. I believe you.” I take a sip from my glass. She puts hers down.

“Can I go? I have to go out early tomorrow.”

“Just one more thing. Can you describe how you guys do it? In detail.”

She looks at me like I’ve gone mad. She stands. “Please, can I just go?”

She guns for the door and is out before I can say one more word. I hate myself for what I’ve just done. This is my dark side – the jealous, untrusting, possessive girlfriend. Jide doesn’t deserve this side of me. He’s the awesomest boyfriend ever. In the beginning, I was very certain that we’d be hitting the sheets in the first few days and had gone ahead to play the seductress, but Jide pretty much did everything loving boyfriends do without going down south. In a disturbing confession while we were both baring out issues that could stand in the way of our relationship, he revealed that he had slept with an alarming number of women. He refused to give a figure and told me it was for my own sanity. However he assured me that he was done with his past and was in no hurry honeyofor1to get in my pants. In his words, “I want it to be special when it happens.”
Anyways I gave up tempting him for some days and simply enjoyed the moments we spent together, which wasn’t so hard. The truth is Jide makes loving him very easy. He begins each new day with a new pet name for me and then he would find some untouched place on my body to kiss without being immodest. His touch always leaves me weak, from the manner in which his hand caresses me awake every morning to the moments when we sit cuddled up and he trails his fingertips over my palms and kisses them afterwards.
Somehow he knows nerve-endings on my skin that I never even knew existed.

And then he’s playful too, just as I am, and sometimes we get really rough until someone ends up getting hurt. For example, a week ago I gave him a swollen lip during a pillow fight and had to compensate with a foot massage afterwards. He fell asleep in the process and I stayed awake watching him and wondering what it was about him that made me so invested in my feelings. Afterwards I freaked out that things might go terribly for us. I’ve always been unlucky in love, having all my exes cheat on me unapologetically. Hence, I’m scared that this won’t last, and this was why I resumed playing the seductress a couple of days ago. I need the assurance lovemaking brings. If Jide can be so affectionate without sex, imagine how much loving I’ll get when he eventually makes love to me.

I finish the whole bottle of champagne in an attempt to drown my frustration. I find no respite. I go to bed and sleep it all off.

∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞


Jide’s family is going all out for this wedding. The souvenirs alone cost them a fortune. All morning I’ve been packaging customized tokens, all of which are designer label. No one souvenir box has the same set of gifts. Kalu’s wife, Elsie, joins me halfway and lifts the burden off my shoulders a great deal. She is chatty and pleasant but very observant of everything around her. She keeps me entertained with stories of the family and about how she never used to get along with Mommy. She describes the old woman as being difficult then. Somehow through the years they learned to accept and love each other.

“Jide’s her favorite,” Elsie mentions, “so you’re lucky that she likes you. She didn’t like Ezinne.”

This is the third time that name has popped up since I began dating Jide. I once asked him about her and he explicitly told me she was a topic he was never going to discuss. I know she’s dead but I’m more interested in knowing about who she was when she was alive.

“Ezinne was a video vixen. God! She was sexy as hell. I was even envious of her at some point. She had the perfect body. Sculpted.” Elsie describes with hand gestures. “Nne was very sure she wouldn’t stay faithful to Jide. She preferred his ex, Tarela. In short, everyone wanted him with Tarela, including his friends.”

“Why?” I ask as I place a pair of bling coffee mugs in a souvenir box.

“Ezi was snobbish. Very stuck-up. And her parents weren’t even that rich. She was so hung up on her beauty. Guys were toasting her up and down and she was treating Jide like shit. They were constantly fighting over it.”

“And Tarela?”

“Worse. Crazy, possessive bitch. But none of us knew until she came to Jide’s birthday party and slashed her throat in front of everyone.”

“Oh my God! Did she die?”


“Where is she now?”

“Only God knows.”

Elsie and I continue our work in silence. I have more questions to ask but Mommy has just joined us at the table to have a late breakfast.

“Honey, when it’s your turn, we’ll do a lot more than this for you and Jide,” Mommy promises.

“Calm down, Nne,” Elsie tells her. “They just started dating.”

“I know. But I am very certain that they’ll walk down the aisle this year.”

“This year?”

“Why not?”

Elsie shrugs. I simply maintain a plain expression.


We all turn. Tola has appeared at the doorway in her nightgown. She’s wearing a pale face.

“How are you, angel?” Mommy asks.
“Come over.”

Tola walks to her and pulls a chair to sit beside her. She rests her head on the table and I see tears spill from her eyes.

“Aww, my daughter,” my mom rubs her back. “You should stop crying. God gives, God takes away. He will give you another baby in due time. Just put the past behind you and thank God for giving you a husband and a family that loves you. Jesus will perfect all that concerns you in time.”

“Emeka has been acting cold towards me. As if I intentionally lost the baby.”

“Tola, be patient with him. He’s under a lot of stress.”

“Me nko? Are we not going through the same thing?”

“I know, my daughter. I know. Just be patient.” She takes her hand. “Come let me make breakfast for you.”

“I’ve eaten already.” Tola sits up. “Can you please ask the maid to come and help me pack my things? My aunt is already scolding me for not being at home.”

“Okay. I’ll tell her. Still, come. I want to show you something.”

Elsie and I watch as mother and daughter-in-law leave.

“Interesting,” Elsie mutters. “It’s ironic that Tola has charmed everyone in this house except the one person she should be charming.”

I smile.

“Why do I have this feeling that the miscarriage was fake as was the pregnancy?”

I reply nothing.

“Well, it’s their business.”

Elsie is about to launch into another family gossip but Jide and Kalu walk in, carrying the items requested by the Adeniyis for Tola’s engagement to Emeka.

“You got everything?” Elsie asks.

“Yeah,” Jide replies and looks at me. He winks. I have not seen him all day.

“And the bride price?”

Jide passes an envelope to Elsie. “Ten thousand dollars. All complete.”

I almost drop what I have in my hands.

“Why is it so much?” I ask. “That’s almost two million naira.”

“It’s not much,” Kalu says. “Ask the madam that is sitting next to you how much I paid on her head.”

Elsie bats long eyelashes at him.

“Besides, Emeka is inheriting half of Tola’s father’s hospital, so it’s good investment in the end.”

“But I feel like when families ask for so much money as bride price, they’re literally selling their daughters.”

All three of them disagree. “See it this way,” Jide contributes. “The higher the bride price, the more treasured the bride. When you go into a designer shop and get an expensive dress, you don’t treat it anyhow. It’s the dress that you spent next to nothing on that you easily forget.”

His analogy makes sense but I hold my argument. “A man who has spent so much on a designer item and ends up not getting his money’s worth is going to feel cheated in the end.”

“You have a point,” Elsie concurs.

“Anyways, in the Yoruba culture, the bride price is not just for the bride alone. It’s for children and elders and wives in the family. Several envelopes are given.” Jide explains. “Which is no different from how the Igbos do it. Although, with the Igbos, what the different age groups are given may not necessarily be money. Every group demands its own list of items.”

“How is it done in your side, Honey?” Kalu asks me.

“It’s not quite different, really, although the list is not much. However, people are beginning to demand as much in bride price as the Igbos do.”

“I guess it’s a Nigerian thing now. Times are hard.”

We all laugh. Jide comes behind me and delivers a kiss on my earlobe. I shyly push him away. He drags me up on my feet and asks that we be excused. We go up to his room where he has me pinned to the wall and my lips loved by his. I want him badly but I put a lid on my urges.

“I missed you,” he tells me as he makes circles with his finger on the small of back.

“Me too.”

“I was very busy at work. But I’m free for the entire weekend and we’ll have mad fun.” He bites my lower lip and kisses all the way down to my collarbone where he stops and pulls away. I sigh in displeasure. He’s hiding a very healthy boner which I have just felt.

“I want to take a shower,” he informs me and turns towards the bathroom.

While he showers, I try, for the second time, the outfit I’ll be wearing for the traditional wedding tomorrow. I look really dashing in it. Mommy’s tailor is badass. I admire myself in front of the mirror for a long time. The moment I take off the clothes and I’m left in nothing but my bra and thong, Jide steps out of the bathroom. He pauses for a second and then walks past me to the wardrobe without a word.

I’m miffed by his reaction but I don’t react. I slip back into my dress and sit on the bed to stare at him. I’m going to be honest here, I find Jide tantalizingly hot. He’s not ripped per se but he’s fit and very masculine. Then he has this thin coat of fine hair over his body that my hands can’t get enough of. And of course, he’s packing as well. I haven’t seen the goods yet but I can tell that he’s not a little boy down there.

“You’re not going to lose me to another man if we have sex,” I blurt out.

He spins around to look at me. I hate the amused expression he has on.

“I love you, Jide. I know it’s too early to say it but I think what I feel is love. I’ve only felt this way once in my life, so I know I’m for real when it comes to my feelings for you. I’m not going anywhere, so don’t be afraid…”

“I’m not afraid.”

“Then why won’t you make love to me?”

“Because, Honey, sex is not everything in a relationship. And I thought we were having a good time. These past two weeks have been amazing. You’re more than heaven to me right now. Sex will just ruin everything.”

“It won’t. We’ll love each other more.”

“That’s a gamble.”

“It’s not fair!” I lose my calm. “Am I
not attractive enough?”

“Haba! Don’t talk like that.”

“Then what is it? You find it easy sleeping with other girls, including your next door neighbor.”

His countenance drops. Oops! I shouldn’t have brought Ele up.

“What did you just say?”

“Nothing,” I reply but change my mind. “No, it’s not nothing. I feel cheated. You can sleep with Ele and any other girl out there but you won’t touch me? It makes me feel unwanted and unattractive. If my boyfriend can live in the same house with me and nothing happens between us, then I’ve failed as a woman. And it also means he might be getting it elsewhere.”

Jide is cut by my words. I can see that in his eyes. He takes a while to speak.

“Should I be worried about you?”

“Worried about me? How?”

“Do you have trust issues?”
I know Ele has said something to him.

“Ele called you, right?”

“You didn’t answer my question, Honey.”

“Yes, I have trust issues but I’m seriously working on them. The thing that happened with Ele… I’m sorry. I just… It won’t happen again.”

“Ele and I are over, Honey. I made it clear to her several times but she’s stubborn. When she called me last night, I lied that I was home. I wanted her to come and see you because she thinks I’m one of those guys who keep sidechicks. I expected you to handle her maturely.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You actually did handle her the way she deserved but I can’t say the same about the way you’re treating me right now.”

“Don’t make this about you, Jide. I’m the one unsure of where I stand in this relationship.”

“So you think sex will secure a place for you in my heart?”

I avoid his eyes. He sits beside me and tilts my chin up to gaze into my face.

“You’re not going to be a statistic, sexy legs.”

“You’re sure you’re not sleeping with someone else?”

“I’ll never do that to you.”

I force myself to believe him. If this relationship is to go anywhere, I guess I’ll have to trust him.

“No half-naked girl will show up at the door again?”

He laughs. I don’t find it funny. My mind has already conjured images of him going over to Ele’s place to have sex with her while I wait downstairs like a faithful housewife who gets none from her man.

“No more surprises, sexy legs.”

I stare at him fixedly. I really do want to believe him.

∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞

“You dey lie abeg!”

I sip my beer and smack my lips as the cold liquid streams down my throat. My friends do not believe I have not slept with Honey. Bobby is the only one who takes my word for it.

“Bobby, you don see the babe?” Reno asks.


“Yes, he has,” I reply.

“How person go get dat kain woman for house and hin no enter am? Jide, you dey lie!”

I simply smile and sip my beer again. It’s Emeka’s bachelor party, organized by his friends. Emeka seems to be having a blast. It’s good to see him in his element.

“But I no understand you, Jydo,” Ibro speaks up. “Why you no wan touch the babe?”

“It’s simple,” Bright replied. “He doesn’t want to make her a bride.”

“Oh!” they all exclaim at the same time, and then make fun of me with unnecessary jibes. I give my alcohol my full attention.

“That’s not my reason,” I say.

“Wetin come be your reason?” Reno queries.

“It’s personal, guys. Switch topic abeg.”

I seriously don’t want to have to explain to anyone that the main reason I’m not sexual with Honey is because I’m on a journey to claiming back my self-control. I have probably slept with more women than the average guy has. It’s something I am not proud of, a history I want to quickly forget. What I’m building with Honey will not be belittled by mere physical pleasures that fade away so easily. I want to know her inside-out. It’s sad that she doesn’t trust me enough to see that what I feel for her comes from beneath the surface. If she gives me time, she’ll get all of me, heart and body invested. Right now, I’m only halfway there.

“But how does it feel?” Shady asks.

“How does what feel?”

“The no sex thing.”

“Fun actually. We eat out, go to the movies, take walks, read to each other…”

“Which kain storybook waka be dat?” Reno butts in. “Una no dey kiss?”

“We do.”

“Romance nko?”

I laugh. “Yes, I dey touch her everywhere apart from the places wey I no suppose touch.”

“You sleep on the same bed?”


“And nothing happens?”


“You no dey get hard-on?”

“I dey get nau. I be spirit?”

“I for say.”

They are all staring at me as if I’m from a different galaxy.

“This is the Jide I know.” Bobby puts his hand on my shoulder. “The Bridemaker guy, I don’t know.”

“It’s true!” Shady exclaims. “I remember you were platonic with Ezinne as well! Sotay we come dey suspect say na she no wan give you because she get another guy outside wey she dey service.”

The table goes silent at Shady’s journey back into a past that no one wants to revisit. He gets that he has just blundered; he tackles the topic at a different angle.

“So it’s a mutual decision between you and Honey?”

I nod. There’s no way I’ll share with my guys how horny my Honey is. I find her pent-up sexual frustration very entertaining. Apart from her trust issues, I see no offense in her behavior. In fact, it’s the flavor to the whole thing. I particularly enjoy the moments she acts like she’s doing nothing when in fact, she’s arousing me senseless. She has no idea how much I want her.But these past few days my feelings have taken the lead. Her roots are plowing deep into my heart. I suspect that it would take pain to uproot them.

“Well, cheers to you guys,” Bobby lifts his cocktail glass. “May you find happiness as we all have found.”

We raise our drinks to his toast.

“How about Mary?” Bright asks me but before I answer, Bobby interrupts.

“Ehen! Thank God say you bring up the matter! I been wan ask all of you for this table wetin enter una head wey una dey plan to hook Jide and Mary up.”

“My brother, I tire. Help me ask them.”

“To me, Mary is a better option,” Bright states. “She is well-mannered, humble, respectful, your closest female friend, so she knows you well, then she come love you on top and she’s approved by the wives.”

Bobby hisses. “Abeg!”

“Wetin come be your own?”

“It can never work! Mary is not Jide’s type, physically or otherwise. Jide needs woman wey go give am stress. Mary too goody-two shoes.”

“Ah! She’s not o,” I object. “After the stunt she pulled at my place?”

“Oh!” Shady laughs. “Very hot, juicy stunt. And my guy come fuck up.”

“What stunt?” The others want to know. I’m quite surprised that Celia didn’t tell the other wives. Perhaps Mary asked her not to.

“What stunt nau?” Bobby asks again.

“She stripped naked and asked me to…”

They don’t let me finish as they rend the atmosphere with their whoops.

“Iz a lie!” Ibro is the most stunned. “Our own Mary Amaka!”

“I swear.”

“So how was she?” Reno inquires.

“Dude, no vex. I no try my craze. E never reach dat level biko.”

“But how she look? She set? Is that body a figment of my imagination?”

“No. Babe is banging o. I swear. Curves in all the right places, man. But I wasn’t even half turned on. Apart from the fact that I see her as a sister, she’s not my type.”

“Abeg, no lie! You were turned on.”

I refuse to argue with Reno. He is half-pervert, half-degenerate for the most part of each day. And when he’s not, he’s giving his wife hell.

The discussion goes on about Mary for a while, then it morphs into single women and then, some other topic.

The night drags on and I worry about Emeka. By this time tomorrow, he’ll be Tola’s husband. Is this what he really wants?

∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞

“Where is Chukwuemeka?” My father’s booming voice takes me away from the conversation Bobby has engaged Shady, Reno and I in.

I look up to see the old man walking down the stairs in his expensively-embroidered Isiagu. On his head rests his traditional red hat that marks him as a man of title and importance in Igboland. It is in such rare moments like this I look at him and I’m proud to be his son.

But this is not a good day to be proud of anyone in the Onuora family. All hell is about to let loose and I don’t know whether to blame Emeka or myself.

“Where is your brother, Jideofor?”

This time it’s my mom asking. We are all set to go to the Adeniyis for the traditional wedding. Everyone is present, including family and friends from afar; even an entire Igbo musical troupe is ready to herald our arrival at our in-laws’ residence in style, but Emeka is nowhere to be found. My tummy does a flip as I recall the last conversation I had with him a week ago.

“I slept with Tola,” I had confessed to him. We were in my house, playing FIFA over cold beers. Oba, who has recently developed a baby crush on Honey was in my room with her, sharing stories about his life.

“Which Tola?” Emeka asked me, not taking a break from the game. He was on a winning streak.

I stopped the game myself.

“What other Tola do you know?”

“My Tola?”

I picked out the huskiness that shaded his voice.

“It happened at Bobby’s wedding after-party. I didn’t know who she was, I swear. But she knew me. She said it was revenge sex for what you did with her cousin. I’m sorry, man.”
Emeka continued the game in silence.

“Mex, talk nau.”

“And say what? You want us to swap stories, like how good her head skills are or how she moans?”

“Jeez! No. I just wanted to know if you believe me that I didn’t know who she was when we shagged.”

“JD, forget that we’re brothers. You’re my homie, the only person, apart from Nne, that I trust with my life. Besides that sef, I know what Tola can do. She lives on revenge like one Mexican soap queen.”

I breathed in relief and listened for more but Emeka switched off and went back to the game.

“So the wedding is cancelled?” I asked.

“Cancelled keh. I told you I already made up my mind.”

“Mex, you don’t love this chick.”

“And who says I’m marrying for love? Who does that these days?”

“You have to be kidding me.”

“Jide, bone. I don’t think I can love any woman in this world.”

“So you’re resigned to the way things are.”



“Die the matter. I’m marrying Tola. In a twisted kind of way, we fit each other.”

I couldn’t argue with that. It was a hard pill to swallow but I took it like a man and began getting used to the fact that Tola was soon going to be a constant feature in my life, which is why I’m quite surprised at this new twist. Where the hell is Emeka?

“Jideofor!” My dad’s walking stick strikes the floor as he calls my name. I tilt my head in his direction, showing my blankest face. “Where is that idiot boy?”

“Why is everyone asking me? Didn’t we all see him last night?”

“Yeah,” Bobby replies. “He was at the bachelor’s eve.”

Female voices filter into the sitting room from the kitchen. Honey and Elsie appear and I get temporarily distracted. Honey is dressed in the aso-ebi the family is using. She has this long, red skirt of deluxe lace, a gold-colored blouse and matching gele. Her wrists and neck are adorned with my mom’s beads. She looks like a million dollars and I fear that she might steal Tola’s shine today. With a smile in her eyes, she looks my way. I don’t return the smile but she understands through my stare that I appreciate what I see. For a brief moment we are cut off from the atmosphere around us that has become dense with my father’s angry words. He’s threatening hell on Emeka and my mom has that look on her face that usually comes before she goes hysterical. Everyone else is pretending to be composed.

“Daddy, calm down,” Elsie says, trying to keep still her eight-month old daughter who wants to be let down to the floor. “I don’t think Emeka will do anything that will disgrace this family. I know he’s around the corner somewhere. Let’s just give him time.”

“Time? It’s past eleven. The ceremony began an hour ago,” Kalu replies in exasperation. “And you know Yoruba people don’t do African time with their in-laws at their weddings. They can send us back or fine us heavily for coming late.”

“Well we have no option but to wait for the groom,” Elsie states. “It’s not like we can go to the Adeniyis’ without him.”

“I just hope he’s okay,” my mom mutters.

“He’s fine,” I assure her.

She asks for a drink of water to calm her nerves and just as Oba steps into the kitchen to get it, a car charges into the compound in a manner that gets everyone’s attention. I take a peep to see that it’s an SUV with tinted windows. Before I can guess who is behind the wheels, Tola steps out in her complete bridal attire but without shoes. She slams the door hard and marches towards the house, screaming as she guns for the front door.

“Where is Jide?!”

I know this is my day of reckoning. My sins are about to catch up with me.

“Jideofor! Where are you?! Ode buruku!”

She barges in and comes straight for me. The next thing she does shocks everyone and leaves me with a ringing ear. Damn! For a girl she can slap.

“Omotola, what has gotten into you?” my mother comes to my rescue.

“He slept with me!” Tola reveals and then croaks in a heartbreaking sob. All I can do is stay silent.

“And then he told Emeka not to get married to me!” she continues. “How can you be this wicked, Jide?!”

I can’t believe she’s playing the victim card.

“You deceived me into sleeping with you and then you ruin my marriage?! God will punish you! You and that bastard Emeka!”

Time freezes for everyone in the room. They are all staring at me and I’m wondering why. Last I checked, it takes two to tango or more like tangle in this case, so they should be staring at the whistle blower too.

I look Honey’s way and I see dread darken her beautiful face.

“Is it true, Jideofor?” my mom asks.

“It’s true, mommy!” Tola responds.

“Shut up!” my mom barks and faces me with inflamed eyes. “Did you sleep with your brother’s wife?”

I try to speak but I can’t find my voice.

“Mom, it’s not the way she’s making it out to be.”

“Oh my God.” My mom takes off her gele and buries her head in her hands.

“Jideofor, why?” Elsie murmurs.

“It wasn’t like I went after her knowing who she was. We…”

“It’s a lie!” Tola screeches. “You knew! You’re just a sick human being! You can’t control yourself!”

God help me not to slap this girl silly.

“Can you just shut up let me talk?”

“What else do you want to say after ruining my life?! What else?!”

She’s holding her chest pitifully, drawing sympathy to her side. I look at Honey; she has wet eyes. She wants me to tell her what she has just heard isn’t true.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper. A solitary tear makes its way down the corner of her eye and she leaves the sitting room. I turn and stare daggers at Tola, my anger mounting. If I lose Honey to this her latest madness, I’ll make her life miserable. These past two weeks have been the best in my life in a long while because I’ve been blessed to spend it with an amazing woman. I will not let anyone stand in the way of my happiness with Honey.

I ignore the judgmental glares and my father’s irate tirade at me and go after the woman my heart wants. The whole world can burn for all I care.

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Sally is the author of the Fish Brain series and Boys With Toys. She has written other online series like The Immortals’ Code, No heart Feelings, Novocaine Knights, To Tame a Virgin and In Pursuit of Kyenpia. She lives in Lagos with her husband and kids and loves the occasional bar lounging with friends. She blogs on or you can follow her on Twitter @NovocainKnights


  1. I just started reading this series yesterday and I just couldn’t leave my phone. I am really eager to see the end. You really got me here. Well done and please write more, I am enjoying it

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