Is It True? Report Says Most Boko Haram Fighters Are Christians

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An astonishing revelation obtained by Radio France International, says, ‘most members of the Boko Haram insurgents are Christians.’

Information gathered during a meeting of Nigerian researchers in Paris, where a round table entitled; “Within and around Boko Haram in Nigeria” was held, shows that most people terrorizing the continent are from the Christian community.

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The article which was written by a certain Daniel Finnan claimed that, their decision to join the violent group was due to unemployment and the money involved.

According to the report, “The real problem of Boko Haram is that no one has actually infiltrated them or if they have, they haven’t come out, or they’ve joined them. So the level of knowledge about the insides of Boko Haram is remarkedly small.”

Speaking on the number of Christians forced to join the ferocious sect, the report claimed, “It’s almost certainly bound to be about 5,000, but some people put the numbers up way higher. The other problem is that of course as far as we know it’s quite a good job, at one point you could be paid 400 dollars a month for just simply joining them, you wouldn’t have to go fighting, you would spend your first months doing logistics or training. It’s quite profitable joining Boko Haram because you not only loot places, but you share the loot out at the end. And the third point that I think is important to realise is that there are plenty of Christians who are part of Boko Haram because it’s a job”.



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  1. lies! all lies! the same france that were spewing rubbish everyday?mtsheew! so who is now shouting allahu akbar when killing? christians

  2. I emailed the academic Murray Last who is the course for much of this spurious article. He was dismayed by the headline and article. This is what he said:

    “How absurd some journalists are! Yes, I did say that some of those involved in Boko haram are (said to be) Christian. Those saying so are (a) local Christian men with kinsmen supposedly in Boko haram; (b) local journalists who report that some BH taken prisoner by the Nigerian army turned out to be Christians from the south of Nigeria. Furthermore, in talking about the economy of BH, it is known that some of those trading with BH are from non-Muslim parts of Nigeria. My general point is that BH can attract all sorts, including those needing a job or a profit; and they can come from anywhere in Nigeria as well as from outside Nigeria. But we won’t know (if ever) exactly who were involved and in what capacities, simply because, once the war is over, everyone will deny (to outsiders at least) they were implicated. But in speaking to young Christians in northern Nigeria some time ago, I was surprised to be told “Boko haram has a point”. In short, we need to be more nuanced! But I have no doubt that the leadership of BH and its formal ideologies are Muslim, not Christian.”

    Murray Last 14/07/2015

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