Is It Fair? Nigerian Driver Suspended For ‘Disgusting’ Remark On Gay Men Kissing in His Cab

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A Nigerian cab driver Stephen Eze, who is plying his trade in Canada has been suspended for one month by the country authorities after a gay man complained that the former called him “disgusting” for kissing another man while riding the vehicle home from the Calgary Stampede

It was learnt that Nolan Hill reported the incident to 311 and took to his Twitter that he was kicked out of a Calgary United Cab on Saturday evening.

He tweeted, “Last night I was called “disgusting” and threatened to be kicked out of a @CalgaryCab for being gay and kissing another man. #yyc

The manager of the Calgary United Cabs, Naeem Chaudhry, said the driver was suspended by the company, as soon as he was made aware of the incident on Monday morning.

“We don’t allow (our drivers) to make comments on someone’s personal lifestyle.”

Chaudhry said the city’s Livery Transport Services became involved in the case and video footage from the cab was turned over to investigators.

“The moment I heard, I called the driver, asked his side of the story, then we pulled the memory card from his camera,” Chaudhry said.

As at Tuesday afternoon, the city announced that licensed taxi driver Stephen Eze is suspended until August 5, following “a complaint alleging discriminatory behaviour towards two male passengers.”

Once the suspension is over, the future of Eze’s licence will be determined at a Licence Review Hearing.



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