How To Have Sex For The First Time And Enjoy It

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So this article is for virgins who are ready to pop the cherry, to help you make your first time one of the most memorable sexperiences of your life. Far from what you’ve heard from your friends that it can be really awkward and painful, you can actually have fun. Wonder how to go about it, this is how you can have sex for the first time and really enjoy it:

          Get Comfortable:

At this stage, I’m sure there are millions of questions running through your mind. You’re probably wondering if you can stand the pain everyone talked about or if it will be worth it. You’re obviously afraid and there’s only one thing these things can do; ruin your chances of having a good time. So, it is best you put off the thoughts running through your mind and focus on enjoying yourself. When you’re comfortable, the rest is easy.

Tip: make sure you’re losing your virginity because you want to and not because you’re being coerced to. No one should be forced to do what they don’t feel like doing. Forcing it is the biggest way to be uncomfortable during the ordeal.

          Set The Scene:

Setting the scene is one of the ways to get you in the mood and lift the worry off your mind. Nothing is farfetched when it comes your comfort and pleasure. If you want candles, rose petals and all those stuff, please go for it.

Tip: you don’t have to have candles and all before you can have a romantic scene. Make sure you remove things that you know will distract you. Just make sure you clean the room properly. Slow music can also be helpful when setting the scene. Pick love making songs that will help set the mood. My favorite is John Legend’s “Tonight”.

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          Don’t Skip Foreplay:

Foreplay is supposed to put you in the mood. So, do not skip it. When properly done, foreplay is supposed to make you very comfortable and turn you on. When you’re turned on, you will be wet and this will allow easy and smooth penetration. Never be too much in a hurry and then have to skip foreplay in the process.

Tip: foreplay is not the short kisses and random breast smooches that you may have been accustomed to; it is a lot more than that. There are several “moan zones” that your man should explore like your neck, ears, thighs, feet and so on. He should make you feel wanted, desirable with his hands, teeth (for light nibbles), tongues and fingers (for light scratches that can make your body vibrate with pleasure). He can use ice-cream, melted chocolate, berries, ice on you.

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          Spice Things Up With Lubricants:

Because you will be very tight, you may need to use lubes for easy penetration; especially when you are not really wet. You can use spit; it is one of the best lubes and also free although I am not a fan of a guy using spit on me. There are different types of lubricants you can use and you can get them in shops, even in Nigeria.

Tip: There are three types of lubes; water based, oil based and silicone based lubes. The oil based lubricants are your petroleum jelly, baby oil, mineral oil, hand cream etc. They are not the best because they can make condoms break easily. They interfere with the latex in the condom and taste horrible if the guy decides to go for a little down action in between sex. The water based lubes are very common but make sure you get the one that has lower salt concentration because it tastes like the real thing and less likely to irritate sensitive skin. The best is the silicon based lubricants because they last longer than other kinds of lubes and won’t affect the condom. It also makes the skin down there very soft and smooth; making it easier to break the hymen.


In the end, the main key to enjoying sex for the first time is if it is from your mind. You have to be really to get rid of your virginity without any pressure coming from your boyfriend or your friends. Take your time; there is no need to rush. After all, there are great advantages in waiting till marriage before you give up the cookie.

Alice Temitope Dako

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  1. I want to have a sex for the first time. But I’m totally confused which thing is best to do so, Then i saw your ideas regarding this. It seems interesting as well as excellent. Now i’m gonna apply your ideas regarding this. Hope it may help me too. Thanks for sharing wonderful ideas with us !!!

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