Honoroable Secretary #2 By @maskuraid 18+

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I ran almost all of the way home, picked up some cash and quickly dashed to Umoru’s kiosk just outside the Estate gate to buy a packet of Gold Circle condoms – that would have to do for now. My gate was left ajar so Mrs Ayiri could go in and wait just in case she arrived before I did. This kain free meat must not pass me by. I was so much in a hurry that I told Umoru to keep the change from the five hundred naira note I gave him rather than wait while he looked for it.


By this time my conscience had made peace with nacking Mrs Ayiri’s congo. I kukuma had been on my own jejely Truth be told if she hadn’t offered to come over, maybe I wouldn’t have pressed her further. My golden rule however is that once a woman steps into my abode, all gloves were off. Let it not be said of me – a true son of my father, that beardless meat came calling and I turned it away in arrogance.


My gate was still as I left it when I returned home and I wondered if she had changed her mind? Any which way, I dumped the condoms on the sitting room table and went straight into the shower to wash off the sweat i had worked up from running to Umoru’s place. Worst case scenario, if she fucked up I could always stop by Toyin’s place tomorrow after work and let off my pending agro. Toyin is a colleague who also doubles as my ‘friend with benefits’. She still owed me for eating her to her first squirt in the empty car park last week so I was pretty sure she’d be willing to get jiggy on a week night if only to keep me happy.


NEPA had not restored power but I didn’t want to put on the generator since some things were better done under the cover of darkness. I was just stepping out of the shower when she pushed the door open and hurried in.


She paused just inside the closed door for a few seconds while her eyes got used to the darkness then her face broke into a smile when she saw me where I stood naked, still dripping water.


“Ah Seke, there you are. I was praying that I wouldn’t have to knock your gate so I won’t attract any unwanted attention from your neighbors. In fact your head is too there, you left it open as a badt guy. Do you always think about everything in advance?”


“I try madam, I always try. One must always protect his sources na.”


She laughed loudly at that one, then immediately checked herself and lowered her voice.

“Let me not call people with my noise.” I assured her that the windows were closed so there was no problem.


It wasn’t until i heard some rustling that I noticed she’d brought a cellophane bag along. From inside the bag, she produced two bottles which she dropped on the table. I moved closer and picked them up. The smaller one was a 75ml bottle of ‘baby okwu’ while the bigger one was a 1liter bottle of homemade Adila yoghurt.


“The ‘baby okwu is for you to recharge your batteries fast after firing recently, na so Daddy dey talk and the yoghurt is to thicken your akamu.”


I grinned.


“You see, you are thinking ahead too.” With that I twisted the cap off the baby okwu and downed half of its content at one gulp. Fire rushed down my throat straight to my belly.


Madam watched me until I finished drinking then she turned, took off her blouse and dropped her skirt – transforming to instant nakedness. Chai I thought to myself, this woman means business. She had walked to my place without panties and bra meaning Daddy’s repeated trips must have so deprived her of koboko that she couldn’t wait to get some.


She walked towards the bathroom, entered and turned on the shower. “Seke, she softly called out, won’t you come and soap my back?”


Who needed a second invitation?


I washed her succulent skin from head to toe, paying particular attention to her chest and bum area. By the time I had soaped her and rinsed her off twice,’lil J’ was standing at attention and ready to answer the call of duty. I switched off the shower and told her to gimme a minute while I went back to the sitting room and picked up a pack of condoms. Quickly I tore one and rolled it on my ‘baby okwu inspired pole, then rejoined her in the bathroom.


“Oya bend small and hold the wash basin.”


She obeyed and looked over her shoulder with expectant eyes while I slowly parted her butt cheeks and slid slowly inside her garden. Inch by pleasurable inch I pushed sheated ‘lil J’ until it was fully inside her, then I slowly withdrew. She was soaking wet, whether from the shower or just pure unadulterated desire. I pushed back in again, a little faster this time and withdrew as before.


Mrs Ayiri wanted the big guns and her voice shook slightly as she urged, “Seke fuck this puna abeg. See as you dey tease the thing with preek. Wickedness is not good o.”


That was my cue. I repositioned very well, locked my knees and went in hard and fast. She grunted and her butt jiggled from the impact. That was how shelling started.


Fa! Fa! Fa! Fa!


The sound of my shaft slamming into her echoed inside the quiet bathroom. I held her copious butt cheeks apart to expose her fleshy lips and continued delivering the strokes with equal intensity. Madam was a trooper. She bore the onslaught like a superstar holding firmly to the sink to keep steady while her boobs danced like crazy.


After some minutes she motioned for me to stop, then stood up and went back to the sitting room. I followed wondering what she had in mind.


She picked up a couple of throw pillows from the other seats and made a small heap of them near the edge of my three seater settee, then half knelt and half laid down on them perpendicular to the window presenting her gaping pussy at a very good angle.


“Oya seke, finish the job.”


I changed condoms and dived in again. The ‘baby okwu’ was now running riot in my system as I re – entered her honey pot. Her position this time allowed her to hold her own butt cheeks apart while she rested her chest on the mountain of pillows. I gripped the window’s burglar proof bars for better leverage and watched my waist become a blur. Madam’s grunts slowly became louder as each thrust rammed home until it got to a crescendo and became one long continuous screech – almost the same as my inverter’s low charge warning signal.


Her hands left her but cheeks as she balled them up into fists and bellowed as the orgasm rippled through her whole body. I wasn’t far behind and I joined her on the mountain top in another 3 or 4 deep thrusts. We both collapsed onto the settee, dripping sweat and stayed that way for a while.


Finally after a few minutes when I had regained my breath, I stood up to dispose of the condom in the bathroom. Then I came back.


“Thank God the windows were locked. My neighbors would have called the Police, thinking I was committing murder in my apartment.”


“Yes o, thank God for that one. More importantly sha, thank God that I decided to attend meeting today. Na dis kain plugging person for just miss.


Her white teeth flashed in the darkness.


“I hope say you know you’re now Daddy’s standby reliever?”


Fam, that was how I got appointed as ‘Daddy’s Assistant’.





Abiodun is a member of the Mainland Book Café who daily juggles the Lagos hustle with running his personal blog and trying to stay sane in an increasingly insane world. Prose (fiction) and poetry roll of his pen as the spirit directs and his first collection of short stories (which is still without a title) is expected to hit the shelves very soon. He blogs at www.versesbybeordoon.com


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