Honorable Secretary by @maskuraid 18+

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The five of us sat in a small semi-circle facing the television in the moderately spacious, neatly furnished sitting room. Exco had seven members, but the financial secretary Chief Udeh and the welfare officer Mrs Ayiri were not in attendance.

“Lead us in prayer Mr Cornelius” said the Chairman. The Vice chairman stood up and said a short opening prayer to which we all jointly chorused amen.
I was tired from all the Church activities earlier in the day so I planned to keep my involvement to a minimum – at least until refreshment time. The Social secretary was giving his report when a series of knocks on the metal burglar proof door interrupted him.


’Kpom!, kpom !!,kpom!!!’.


Without waiting for any answer, the door pushed open and Mrs Ayiri walked in wearing a wide smile, a bright yellow blouse and a lovely – if slightly short, red skirt. Her apologies started from the door.


“You people should not be angry with me o. You know my case is special? Biko, make una just pardon my atrocities. I know I am guilty before you start accusing me of late coming. Just temper mercy with justice.”


We all laughed at her last statement as she took her seat.


“Welcome madam, happy new year sef.”

That was the Assistant secretary stylishly dissing her truancy, causing another round of laughter.


“One house please, one house.” The chairman gently restored order and we resumed the meeting.


Suddenly, almighty PHCN struck, throwing us into darkness. Chairman excused himself to go and put on the generator while the rest of us made small talk to fill the interlude. Meanwhile I had a torchlight application on my phone which I switched on to provide temporary illumination.


Big mistake.


The narrow shaft of light emanating from my phone pierced the darkness and went straight between Mrs Ayiri’s smooth fair thighs. In that brief flash, i noticed there was no fabric before I hurriedly snapped turned it off. I glanced at her face to check if she was looking my way.


She was.


I wanted to apologize but I couldn’t. I wanted to behave as if nothing happened, yet our ours eyes had met. I knew she’d seen me looking at her ‘gates’ …which kain wahala be this?


The generator soon roared into life.


I continued to act normal on the outside but I could see a small sly smile playing on Mrs Ayiri’s lips each time I spied her face during the meeting plus she always seemed to be looking my way. Each time my heart would skip a beat.


The rest of the meeting went by in a rush and when the Chairman called for closing prayers, I couldn’t have been happier.
Outside, as I made to depart from the venue after wishing the others a good night, I heard Mrs Ayiri’s voice call out.


“Seke ,wait make I follow you. You know say light no dey”.

My heart sank.

“Ok ma”, I replied meekly.


But my thoughts ran riot, Why me? Was she angry? How was I going to explain that I had gazed at a married woman’s inner chambers by mistake?


“Eku meeting eni o”.


Her voice brought me out of my reverie.


“Abeg, you’ll follow me pass my place o, my front door is bad and usually requires some extra force to open from outside. You know Daddy is not around, next time he comes to Lagos I’ll definitely makes sure he invites his Carpenter to fix it properly. ‘Daddy’ was a reference to her businessman husband who was out of town on one of his usual business trips.


“No problems ma” I replied. I’m sure it probably needs just a small drop of oil in the right places.


She smiled that mysterious smile again and nodded as we started walking.


We got to her place after walking for a couple of minutes and just like she’d said, the door proved a bit difficult to open although I managed it after a few strong shoves while sustaining a small cut on my right thumb in the process.

“Sorry o”.

Mrs Ayiri sympathized as I put the affected finger in my mouth to stem the bleeding.

“Come inside let me put small iodine for you.”


And so I entered, another big mistake!
She offered me a seat which I gladly took while she went inside to get her medicine box and returned within a minute clutching a cold bottle of malt and a plate of homemade cookies.

“Just play with this one while I look for the iodine, I’ll be back in a bit.”


She picked up the remote from the center table and put on the big Sony television mounted on the wall. The TV came on instantly but the Dstv decoder required a few moments to boot before the signals came up.

“You can flip the channel when it’s up jare, let me quickly bring the iodine”.

By this time I’d totally even forgotten what brought me inside in the first place. I checked my hand and the little cut had clotted over. It wasn’t even painful that much and as I was telling her not to worry, the TV suddenly burst into life interrupting conversation. It was on SoundCity and the video of ‘Sista Caro’ by K-Switch was showing. I automatically reduced the volume and wanted to change the channel due to the raunchy nature of the video but she indicated that I shouldn’t.


Awon eleyi o ti e mo ju kan maa ju di anyhow lo (these ones don’t even know any other thing except shaking their bums). As if na only them get yansh. And no be say the yansh sef even big o’’.

I immediately disagreed.

“These one no big ….” my voice trailed off when I realized who I was talking with. She however did not even seem to mind.

“Ehen  now, e no big. E reach this one?”

Next thing I knew she was turning round showing me her booty.

“Seke talk true e reach am”?

I mumbled something inaudible back in reply.

“Not really, yours is ermm bigger….I mean ….”

Before I could even fully complete the statement she just grabbed my right hand and pressed it to her butt.

“Feel am sef, this one na 100% confirmed mukeke. Not all those fake yansh wey dem dey shake for television”.



Her grip was strong, just like her booty was firm and soft. Underneath the cotton material of her skirt, it felt alive, seemingly pulsating with a life of its own. Truth be told, this was confirmed yansh.

She held my hand in place so I just  kept feeling, kneading her bum as if it was dough and I was a professional baker. In fact, my left hand unconsciously joined my right in the delightful task catching her in a pseudo embrace. It was as if I was in a trance until like a bolt of lightning, my senses returned to me. Another man’s wife??? Tufia!!!.

My hands sharply lost their wanderlust.


She noticed the change in my mood and moved closer.

“You dey fear ni? Are you not man enough to handle real yansh?”

“But, but Daddy…” my voice again failed me.

“Da wetin? Abeg bone jare. He’s there somewhere catching his fun. You can’t eat boiled yam and poundy together at the same time, na one you go choose.”

With that she returned my hands to her backside and practically dragged me closer. As a bad guy with good intentions, I needed no second invitation so I moved in and started from where I left off. Truth be told I’d always eyed her backyard from afar and imagined what it would be like to feel them. This was the chance I had been waiting for, dropped right in my laps by the gods of raunch. Not content with the interference of her skirt’s material, I raised it up and put my hands on bare flesh. It felt like silk, smooth and warm to touch.

She laughed out loud.

“See seke wey dey do like learner now now o. Him don dey grow liver.”

All this while she was busy rubbing my chest and feeling my biceps.

“As you don grow liver, let me kuku help you move the ministry forward to permanent site.”

Like magic, her hand dropped to her waist and unclasped the skirt which fell to the floor around her ankles. Before I could say jack her blouse was off too, followed by her bra. Then she stood there as naked as my palm.


I almost fainted. I had seen plenty of naked women before but her body was a knockout. Fair skinned and just in the right proportion, she had a killer package. Her boobs were full and heavy with protruding nipples nestled in large dark areolas. Only one word could describe them, pawpaw! My eyes travelled downwards and I swallowed as I beheld her clean shaved genitalia with fat lips seemingly puckering at me, just the way I liked it.


She stood there for a minute or two watching me devour her body with my eyes before she spoke again.


“If your eyes have finished, maybe your hands can resume their job?”

That was my cue and i jumped her.

First I went for the boobs.

Hefting both of them in my palms, I bent my head and started sucking. Alternating between right and left, I licked and tickled the nipples with my tongue and fingers and they responded to my strumming accordingly – growing larger and more erect. She was also feeling the groove, running her hands all over my back and pushing her boobs into my mouth for more attention.


After a few minutes of dealing with the boobies, I felt it was time turn up the heat a notch so I led her to the couch in the living room because  I didn’t want to corrupt her marital bed (yes, I’m holy like that). There, I sat her down and told her to recline on the throw pillows, then I separated her legs as far enough as would give me unfettered access to her honeypot and knelt down between them to enjoy the dish. The first touch of my tongue drew a shudder from her. I smiled gently and positioned myself properly then went in with all guns blazing.


She tasted as beautiful as she looked and it was a delight eating that box. I flattened my tongue and swabbed it from top to bottom then right to left. Up and down, up and down, I licked with reckless abandon while she moved her hips to keep up with the patterns. Her clit grew large and hard as I devoted attention to it. I could hear her groaning and moaning while she pushed my head down more and more. I stopped to tongue fuck her furiously for a while before I went back to her clit and  replaced my tongue with a wet finger. The combination of tongue and finger drove her over the edge as she started jerking and gurgling like one possessed before she arched her back and juiced really hard.


I had gotten harder than a rock from all the foreplay so I brought out ‘lil J’ from my pants ready to stick it in only to realize that I didn’t have a condom on me. Shit!!! I wasn’t about to make love to any woman, especially one married to another man without a condom but ‘lil J’ was obviously in need of some attention.


Mrs Ayiri had returned to earth from her celestial travels and without my saying anything she understood my predicament, sat up, took it in her hands and started to slowly massage its whole length. I signaled for her to put it in her mouth but she shook her head and whispered – “I never get experience reach that level.”


My aroused state needed something more intense. Fortunately I spied a plastic bottle of body lotion on the small table nearby. I extricated myself from her grip, got it and liberally poured some on ‘lil J’ making it shine like it was made of silver. Then I motioned for her to continue.


Faster and faster she stroked while I thrust my hips to the rhythm. The feeling was out of this world but still wasn’t getting me to the heights I craved so I stopped her again. It was obviously going to take more than a hand job to burst this nut.


Another idea flashed in my head.

“Oya, lie down again madam.” I almost laughed at the ludicrous endearment and the way desire thickened my voice but she obeyed and made herself comfortable on the couch. I straddled her and she spread her legs wider while fixing me with a questioning look.

“You wan do am like that?”

I smiled. Of course not (who wants to die). I put her legs back together and moved further up her torso.

“Let’s try some breast burger.”

“Seke baba, which one be that again? Eyin tun le o.”

While she jested, I picked up the bottle of lotion and squirted some between her heavy boobs then I put them together and slid ‘lil J’ in between them.



I groaned involuntarily as it felt so good. I slid back and forth slowly a few times before I picked up the tempo and started humping. The lotion provided enough lubrication to ease my movements while her ample cleavage gave me enough grip to heighten the sensation. She caught on quickly and replaced my hands with hers, holding her boobs herself allowing me to grip the edge of the sofa and really get down to my boob fucking. Faster and faster I moved while she kept pushing her boobs against my hardness. At a point I felt some cramps in my thighs due to my positioning but at that moment nothing mattered to me except getting my rocks off. So I continued pumping until I got beyond the point of no return.  The cum was super explosive and I almost screamed out in ecstasy as the seed burst from me in a seemingly never ending stream. Sticky hot semen splashed all over her shiny breasts


When the pulsing finally ended, I stood up with a silly, contented and somehow apologetic smile on my face.

“Sorry madam, I’ve messed up your sofa with my fluid.”

“See seke o, she jokingly replied. “Forget the sofa jare,I had fun and I’m glad you came.”

We both laughed at the pun.


I didn’t know what to say again. Maybe my brain was slowly returning to life now, free of the pressure from down below. She was another man’s wife dammit! On the other hand, technically I had not slept with her, at least not yet.


I cleaned up as best as I could, helped her off the sofa, dressed up and mumbled my appreciation. She just laughed again with that impish glint in her eyes. She obviously had enjoyed herself too and wanted to put me at ease.


Just as I was about to turn and head for the door, she threw her bombshell. “You get condom for house”…….?



Abiodun is a member of the Mainland Book Café who daily juggles the Lagos hustle with running his personal blog and trying to stay sane in an increasingly insane world. Prose (fiction) and poetry roll of his pen as the spirit directs and his first collection of short stories (which is still without a title) is expected to hit the shelves very soon. He blogs at www.versesbybeordoon.com


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