Gallant Chadian Soldiers Murder 19 Boko Haram Sects

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Intrepid troops of the Chadian military have reportedly murdered 19 Boko Haram fighters and lost two soldiers in a combat on Friday July 17 when the sects attacked a village on the bank of the Lake Chad.

“The militants attacked early this morning and we returned fire and they were forced to flee back into Nigeria,” a military source told Reuters on telephone from Komguia, where the fighting took place.

“Chad will never bend in the face Boko Haram and I promise you that Boko Haram will disappear,” the source vowed.

Chad which was hitherto perceived as Boko Haram hideout has come under constant attack by the sects after the country joined a multinational task force to crush out terrorism from Nigeria and the West Africa sub-region.



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