Future Reveals Why He Broke Off His Engagement To Ciara

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Ciara slams Future allegations

Future has been quite silent on his failed relationship with Ciara, but is now opening up about the whole debacle.


The Monster rapper spoke to journalist Elliot Wilson in part 1 of his online documentary, Like I Never Left.

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In the interview, Future revealed that he wasn’t comfortable with a lot of things.

“I feel like I’m just losing by myself and I’m not responsible for the situation that I’m putting myself in. I took so much advice, I put myself in so many situations and I was like, ’Man I can’t be out here. I gotta just go back home. I gotta record, I gotta back comfortable with doing the music that I’m doing.’”

Future revealed that Ciara didn’t want to work with him on a follow up to Body Party, which he said threw him off.

“We finished the album before she just dropped and she didn’t want us to be a part of it at first, and I’m like, ’Damn we just came off a number one and you go straight to Dr. Luke and start working with him,” Future said.

“So me and Mike Will, we didn’t even get a chance to work on the album — the last album, even though we had a number one, coming off a number one. I thought that was a little weird.” and we’re still in a relationship, so it was like, sh-t kinda threw me off.”

He also revealed he called time on the wedding because he didn’t want a large wedding with cameras and fanfare.

“At the same time, we were about to go and get married. She was like, we need to [choose]a date and go on and do it, and I’m like, ‘No. I’m not finna get married. I want to marry you but I can’t have no big wedding on E! News, I can’t have these media outlets cover my wedding… I’m not comfortable with where I’m at in my career, I’m not comfortable about compromising.”

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“Being the man that I am, I feel like my better judgment is to go back and record and make the music that I know the people want. I know they want the ratchet **** from me, I know they want me to say the most disrespectful **** it is because I came in like that. I gotta say some off the wall **** to get people’s attention. And I felt like I knew what I was doing. I said it, and then ****, I had to do it.”

Watch the interview below.




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