Future Reveals He Called Off His Engagement To Ciara And He Did Not Cheat On Her According To Reports

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Future is not done speaking out on his relationship with ex, Ciara.

The Rapper, who only recently granted an interview where he shed light for the first time on his relationship with Ciara, has talked extensively about the relationship this time with Huffington post.

READ: Future Reveals Why He Broke Off His Engagement To Ciara

In the interview, Future claims that contrary to what everyone thinks, he did not cheat on Ciara and he in fact called off the engagement.

According to Future, they could not agree on a lot of things, including the direction they wanted their wedding and then at some point, they simply just grew apart.

The Rapper did not stop there, he also had a few words for her famous comment on not having sex with her current boo, Future has this to say, “God told me something else. He ain’t tell me to wait. I guarantee you that, We prayed afterwards though. After we did it, we prayed. That’s a true story.”

What do you think about Future’s claims regarding the reason he and Ciara broke up?





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