Fun Shopping & Style At The Mente De Moda July Summer Exchange

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With the excitement from the just concluded “JUNE BUG” edition of monthly shopping fair Mente de Moda, The Bang&Kosher Lifestyle company held yet another exciting edition tagged Summer exchange.

The event which is usually a great opportunity to do some shopping with some of your favorite celebrities held on Sunday July 19, 2015 featuring new and eccentric brands to the delight of all shoppers.

Check out pictures from the July Summer Exchange event!


mente de modaDSC_2300

mente de modaDSC_2311

mente de modaDSC_2335

mente de modaDSC_2364

mente de modaDSC_2357

mente de modaDSC_0528

mente de modaDSC_0535

mente de modaDSC_0508

mente de modaDSC_0511

mente de modaDSC_0513

mente de modaDSC_0526

mente de modaDSC_0537

mente de modaDSC_0545

mente de modaDSC_0546

mente de modaDSC_0550

mente de modaDSC_0569

mente de modaDSC_0581

mente de modaDSC_0618

mente de modaDSC_0812

mente de modaDSC_0847

mente de modaDSC_0853

mente de modaDSC_0869

mente de modaDSC_2289

mente de modaDSC_2315

mente de modaDSC_2322

mente de modaDSC_2341

mente de modaDSC_2349

mente de modaDSC_2361

mente de modaDSC_2368

mente de modaDSC_2372

mente de modaDSC_2395

mente de modaDSC_2396

mente de modaDSC_2400

mente de modaDSC_2406

mente de modaDSC_2433













Images: Richy Anazia

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