Freedom Ain’t Cheap: Rick Ross Leaves Jail After Paying $2 Million Bail

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Rick Ross' new tattoos

Rick Ross is finally out of jail, but it didn’t come cheap.

The rapper, who was arrested for assaulting a worker, was released after posting bail of $2 million.

According to TMZ, Ross managed to post the bail by using an equity of $1 million from 2 of his properties, $500,000 surety bond from a bail bondsman, and $500,000 in cash.

The rapper would lose the properties, which include his mansion, to the county if he intimidates or threatens any witnesses, and will have to wear an ankle monitor.

Rick Ross was said to have been angered because the housekeeper had brought people over the night before for a party, and had battered with a gun, threatening to shoot him if he talked.





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