Five Reasons We Think Kylie Jenner Is Not Married

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Kylie Jenner is reportedly married to Tyga.


The 17 year old sparked marriage rumors after posting a photo of her flaunting a ring on her ring finger on Instagram some hours ago.

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However, the whole media might be buzzing about her supposed marriage to rumored boo but we are not buying it.

And here is why;

Kylie is a minor

And even though she can still get away with getting married in some situations in America, the whole world has been going in on her family and her relationship with Tyga for so long we doubt anyone would actually marry this teenager and her rumored beau.

The Kardashians thrive on media attention

The show and everything else Kylie’s large family has done has proved to us that this family would be nothing without the media frenzy created around them (and without Ray J of course). So this marriage thing is probably another Kardashian strategy to stay in the news.

Tyga is not a potential Kris Jenner son in law

Tyga and Kylie might seem inseparable and might be all over the place with each other but Tyga’s career would looking South if it were to be placed on a compass right now.

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And just in case you needed any reminder, none of the men associated with or married to the Kardashian/Jenner sisters is doing bad career-wise. And the moment their careers seem to take a nose dive, they’re usually out of the door.

Kylie has not confirmed it

And she probably never will because there is nothing to confirm.

The speculations are based on an Instagram post and I am Cait clip

Kylie Jenner’s rumored marriage are based on two Instagram posts and an episode of I am Cait where her Grandmother (Cait’s mother) hands her an old portrait of herself when she was 17 and mentions that she was married in it, then Kylie replies with “Kinda like me”

Which is not enough proof that anything has happened if you ask us.




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  1. Not to mention that NO Kardashian or Kardashian Jr, would accept a diamond ring that small. They only equate “true love” with a $150,000. ++ diamond ring. Romantics……………

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