First Playboy Transgender Model Says She’s “Praying” Caitlyn Jenner Hasn’t Had Surgery

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Caroline Cossey is the first ever transgender model to appear on Playboy magazine and years after her first appearance on the magazine, the 61 year old model is speaking on how it felt like to transition at the time.

Cossey who says that she had to save up money for her surgery in 1974, has an e book out where she talks about her journey as a transgender.

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She also gave her opinion on the most famous transgender at the moment, Caitlyn Jenner.

Cossey says of Jenner, “She looks amazing, but everything is being done in such a rushed hurry.” according to the model whose previous sexuality was outed a year after she posed for Playboy, Caitlyn is probably getting past the usual protocols because she is wealthy.

She also says she hopes Caitlyn hasn’t changed her sex yet because she is supposed to go through a psychological stage where certain questions are asked about her decision to transition.

Caroline who repeatedly said Caitlyn was beautiful also insisted that she rushed the entire process and she hoped the reality star hasn’t gotten surgery done yet on her genitals.

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This might rub a few people in the Kardashian clan off wrongly and like you know, they sometimes clap back.

Now waiting for Khloe to say something in 3,2,1…

Source: Mail Online



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