Courtroom Reunion: That Emotional Moment When Judge Recognizes Suspect As Ex-Classmate

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A South Florida Judge recognized a suspected burglar appearing before her as a former classmate.


The Miami Judge, who was the first to recognize the burglar, Arthur Booth, 49, as he took to the stand, said; “He was the best kid in middle school … and look what has happened.”


“I’m so sorry to see you there.” She concluded.


The two had been classmates in middle school and even played football together.


Booth’s reaction is now gaining national attention. His “Oh my goodness” comments show how emotional the moment was for him.

Daily Mail reported that he broke down in tears and couldn’t stop crying. Booth’s cousin told the paper he used to be a scholar and athlete, but drugs took over his life. The family hopes this is a wake-up call.



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