Comic-Con: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Grimm Season 5 #360TvSeries

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Here’s the sad news first.. Juliette won’t be coming back to life, her death has been confirmed

When executive producer, David Greenwalt was asked if there’s a chance Nick’s true love can be brought back to life,  he replied with a a resounding “


.”  Juliette’s funeral clip from the Season 5 premiere was then shown to the audience just to convince every doubting Thomas

Greenwalt also dropped some good news about the upcoming season:
“At last, we’re going to explain the damn keys! We still don’t know what they do, but by God, we’re going to explain it.”

Here’s each character teasing what role they play next season

* David Giuntoli promised “a lot of revenge” from Nick in Season 5, though he’ll also have his hands full doing some “bizarre” co-parenting with Adalind. “He lost his girlfriend, he lost his mom … and the baby is kind of the reason for him to keep going,” Giuntoli said.

* Hank will (allegedly) find true love this season, a revelation which came as quite a surprise to Russell Hornsby, mid-panel.

* Bree Turner teased that skeletons from Rosalee’s past will cause “major problems” for her and Monroe: “Rosalee came onto the scene very guarded, dealing with a past of addictions, and that’s been shelved for good reason. … I think her addictions [are about to] come back into the story.”

* “I’ve heard it’s going to be a hard freshman year for me,” Reggie Lee said of Wu’s new in-the-know status.

* The Royal Family “won’t be as much of an issue” for Renard in Season 5. “That’s been quelled for the time being,” Sasha Roiz confirmed. “There’s a lot of political opportunity for [Renard] coming up, at least regionally. We’re getting back to a lot of the mythology of Season 1.”

* “This baby is all she’s got in the world,” Claire Coffee said of Adalind. “She’s lost her powers, again, but I think this time the focus will be the baby and finding a job. She’s a lawyer — I assume a very capable lawyer. She’ll scour Craigslist for a few episodes.”

Source: TVLine



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