Chris Brown, Chrissy Teigen & Rick Ross’s Reactions To Meek Mill’s Outburst

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While Twitter went on Meek Mill for having the nerve to say he should not be compared to Drake, we watched out for reactions to Meek Mill from his fellow celebrities.

Here are some reactions which are quite funny.

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Chris Brown who has been the online drama queen for about the last two years from every problem you can think of – baby mama trouble, jail time, rants and beef – was having a good time that this time it was not him causing trouble. He posted a meme on Instagram that was plain hilarious.

It’s nice to see him laughing at himself, but he probably thought it wasn’t nice to laugh at Meek Mill and deleted the post.

Rick Ross, the rapper who Meek Mill is signed under weighed in on the Drake – Meek Mill beef in a weird way. He wrote on Twitter that Drake>>>>>>>>Meek Mill. He probably did not know that the ‘>’ sign means ‘greater than’. Whether he promptly realized his mistake or he fell bad for siding against his partner, he deleted the tweet.

Another funny one is by Chrissy Teigen, John Legend’s wife.

Judging from her Twitter feed, she was up waiting for Drake to reply, exclaiming how much she loves Twitter.

She then tweeted at her husband and begged him to better tweet every song he and Meek Mill ever do together in the future, slightly throwing a jab at Meek Mill’s tendencies to blow at people who have collaborated with him in the past.

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