Chocolate City’s Talent Manager Escapes Death In Fatal Car Crash

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Samuel Lolo, a talent manager at music company, Chocolate City escaped death by the whiskers after he narrowly survived a car accident along Eko Bridge in Lagos State on Friday.

Samuel took to Instagram, early Sunday morning to share his near death experience with his followers.

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Below is what he posted on Instagram.

“This is me alive and well saying a big thank you to God almighty for delivering me from the hands of death. Never in my life did i think i will be involved in a car accident. And here i was involved in one that happened just this Friday, the 3rd of July alongside @mrjaymgt who was driving us home on our way back from the MTV MAMA’s event. Due to the rain, The car hit a pothole and immediately we lost control of the power steering resulting into a 360 degree spin of the car, hitting the railings of the EKO bridge with the car almost going off.


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“I thank God for how composed James was to handle the car because It could have been much worse. There is a silver lining shining in all of this because i came out unhurt and this is because God is not done with me yet. I am still in shock from it all but thank God i am here to tell the story. “If you’re reading this, Thank God with me for his favour on my life and yours as well. May God bless you with a wonderful week of good health, food to grace your table, money to pay your bills, time to smile and be nice to at least one person each day, and time to accomplish everything you want to do as well as time to reflect, rest, relax . God’s Blessings and Love.

“Thank You ,Happy Sunday and have a Good Morning…”

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