Check Out Maheeda Before The Devil Came Along

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The name Maheeda is (almost) synonymous to nudity and lewd acts in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

There however, was once a time, when Maheeda was a normal person like me (and maybe, you).

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The self-acclaimed goddess of x shared some throwback photos of herself, thanking her husband for saving her.

“I must not forget the guy that came to save me. He loved me when I was looking like sh!t, and cleaned me up, that’s why he is my husband today.”

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“And the sweetest thing is that he knows where I was coming from and he supported my every move, and always say ‘go get them baby I gat you.’ May God keep blessing him and keep him alive and healthy for me. I owe him the world. Amen! Just a little of my story! Thanks to God!”

How sweet! Check her out below!

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