Can We Talk About Kylie Jenner’s Lips For A Minute?

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Kylie Jenner’s lips have been the major story about her for months, aside her supposed refusal to finish school of course but after accepting that she got lip fillers, the story pretty much went away.

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But now, the young reality star is giving the media more reasons to blog about the lips.

Pictures of her from her snapchat surfaced and online media has been having reasons to ask questions.

The lips look more swollen than they were before now (as if it was not swollen enough) and we hope it’s just the angle from which it was taken.

Kylie 2  Kylie Jenner 1

And is it just us or Kylie is growing into Kim so much?



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  1. More filler than ever. Mom had to sign off on it, as she’s still a minor. Being young and insecure is no longer a valid excuse. As we’ve seen lately, this girl is in no way insecure. She and mom are simply sexualizing her and mom is pimping her out. Brow lift, Botox, nose, cheeks, lips, chin boobs, butt, etc. She looks 30, will look 60 in 20 years. Kim is getting long in the tooth & it shows. Kylie is the back-up blow-up doll. Sure Mom already has the contract for the first “tasteful” nude spread with Playboy. About 2 weeks after Kylie turns 18 sounds about right. This can’t well for the kid. She has her devoted family to thank.

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