Buhari Goofs! Nigerian President And His 5 Most Awful Blunders

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We all make mistakes, it is naturally an interesting imbued phenomenon, however, when you are the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria – presiding on the affairs of over 170million people – the term ‘blunder’ should but be a false god.

President Muhammadu Buhari has been voyaging a lot recently, especially after the May 29 inauguration.

In the same vein, the President has been making a lot of blunders, a feat which most social media critics tagged as serious errors that must not be made by the politician of his level.

Others, however, simply bantered about the matter without dramatizing the situation.

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Here are the 5 most notable goofs from President Buhari that has got Nigerians talking…

1. In America

During his widely-publicised trip to United States, while speaking with President Obama about the peaceful power transition in Nigeria, Muhamadu Buhari referred to his party as the All Nigeria’s People’s Congress.

It appeared more like a combination of the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party.

2. An interview with Al Jazzeera

Speaking on the postponement of the 2015 general elections with Al Jazeera, the then APC presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, expanded the abbreviation INEC as the Independent Nigerian Electoral Commission – when in reality it is the Independent National Electoral Commission –

3. In Owerri

During the 2015 presidential election campaign in Imo state capital, the then APC presidential candidate, failed to recall correctly the name of his running mate, Yemi Osibanjo.

Instead, he called him “Yemi Osinbade.”

4. In a conversation after the meeting in Germany

Briefing pressmen on the outcome of the G7 meeting, President Buhari referred to Germany as “West Germany” – when historically, West Germany seized to exist since 1990 – in the same speech, he referred to the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel as “President Michelle of West Germany”.

5. Back to America

Delivering a speech on the ‘abduction of the Chibok girls’, at the National Institute of Peace, the President who probably was nervous made another mistake as the Nigerian leader said that the children had been kidnapped from “their hotels” instead of “hostels”.



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