Brave Woman Injured By Robber Snatches The Knife And Kills Him

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A woman in Lagos showed that she will never go down without a fight, to the detriment of a gang of robbers in Lagos.

The woman, known as Adenike lives in an apartment block on the Lagos Island that fell victim to robbers armed with knives, machetes and cutlasses, who broke down the gate and stormed the building.

When the robbers got to Adenike’s apartment, a struggle ensued between Adenike and one of the robbers, identified as Quadri Iginla, who cut her with a knife. Adenike was said to have wrenched the knife from Iginla, and stabbed him in the stomach.

The robbery suspect reportedly lost balance and fell off from the two-storey building. Neighbours, who learnt of the robbery, were said to have alerted the police at the Adeniji Adele Division.

The other suspected robbers escaped after the police got to the area. The policemen were said to have rushed Iginla, who was unconscious, to the Lagos Island General Hospital, while Adenike was also taken by her family to a private hospital. Unfortunately, Iginla died in the hospital.



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