Boko Haram Attack Yobe As 3 Militants Are Killed In Cameroon

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Boko Haram militants continued their offensive on Thursday, attacking the town of Buni Yadi in Borno state.


The attack reportedly started at around 9pm on Thursday, with the number of casualties yet unknown.

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In response to the attacks, armored personnel carriers and a fighter jet were spotted heading towards the town on Friday morning.

In Cameroon meanwhile, the country’s army managed to hold back an attack from militants in Bodo, North-Eastern Cameroon.

“The attack represented a change of tactics by the militants following a series of battlefield defeats this year in which they have lost territory to a regional force that comprises Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon,” government spokesman Issa Tchiroma said.

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“Early Tuesday morning at about 3:40am (0140 GMT) an enemy column in four-wheel drive vehicles opened fire on positions held by our defence forces,” Tchiroma said.

“There followed violent combat until dawn. Faced with the repost of our soldiers, the aggressors beat a retreat leaving behind three dead, a quantity of weapons and a lot of blood,” he said.



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