Behold The Man Of God Who Observes Sabbath On Monday

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The Senior Pastor of Bible Believing Church Incorporated, Aba, Abia State, Kingsley Innocent has divulged what he does – favourites – aside church activities.

According to The Sun publication, the Man of God, who is fondly called God of ”Talk-na-do”, revealed that Monday is his day of rest, a day to unwind.

Here is an excerpt from The Sun publication below:

Favourite Bible verse: It is Galatians 6: 7 which says: “ Be not deceived for God is not mocked, whatever a man sows, that shall he reap” This passage has guided my life over the years. Whenever I want to do anything, the first thing that comes into my mind is be careful about what you sow, for so whatever a man sows, he must surely reap it. It has been like a guide and watchdog to my life and it follows me.

Favourite number: It is three, because of the Trinity. Even, when I minister, I mention some words thrice. It brings me home and calls me back to where we belong.

Favourite club: My favourite is FC Barcelona of Spain. Anytime, I travel to Spain, I must visit Barcelona. I like the club. My tight schedule does not allow me to watch them always when they have a match but I follow the activities of the club.

Favourite player: He is Lionel Messi of Barcelona. I have argued with my friends last year that when the World Best Footballer of The Year was given to Cristiana Ronaldo of Real Madrid, I posted on the internet that it was wrong because deep in my heart, I believe that Messi should have won it. Due to my soft spot for him, he is my best player and I see him as one of the greatest players in football.

In Nigeria, Austin Jay jay Okocha formerly of upper eagles is my favorite player because nobody does it better than him. He has the skills and mastery of the game.

Favourite shoe: I like Morris shoes because of the shape.

Favourite cologne: Among all the colognes that I use, my favorite is Black Orchid.

Favourite day of the week: Definitely, it is monday. After Sunday Service, when and if am in town, it is on Monday, which is my resting day. Although, sometimes, I don’t get to rest on that day. On Mondays, you will see me wear casual clothes and feel like a young man.



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