BBHMM? Rihanna’s Accountant Who Owes Her Money Declared Missing

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BBHMM alternate ending

After the release of the controversial, bloody and violent Bitch Better Have My Money video, it turns out Rihanna’s accountant has been declared missing. I am not pointing fingers though.

The accountant, Peter Gounis was sued by Rihanna last year claiming that she had $11 million in cash in January 2009 but just $2million left at the end of the year – mainly because he told her to buy a Beverly Hills mansion for $7.5 million which turned out to be moldy and leaking.

The lawsuit claimed that she lost $9 million, leaving her with just $2 million at the end of 2009. The lawsuit has been settled but she has not been paid yet.

According to reports, he has been officially declared a “Missing person”.

Wait, is he the bitch that better have her money?



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