‘American Horror Story’ Creator Ryan Murphy Reveals How He Got Lady GaGa To Star

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Ryan Murphy has revealed how Lady GaGa joined the cast of American Horror Story: Hotel.

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Murphy, who is the show’s creator, revealed that the Dope singer had asked to be part of the show.

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According to Murphy, Lady Gaga wrote him a note saying she was a fan of American Horror Story and asked if he would “consider” giving her a role.

“I replied [in all caps] ‘Yes,'” Murphy told fans at Comic-Con during a panel for AHS and Scream Queens.

The details of Gaga’s character haven’t been revealed, but Murphy said the Mother Monster got her wish: that her character be evil.

“I think her part is great,” he said, also adding that her character will also be fashion-oriented.

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“You want Lady Gaga to look a certain way,” he said.

He also added that the Grammy-award winning singer will not be singing on the show, and that AHS: Hotel would feature less singing than its predecessor, AHS: Freak Show.



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