Afenifere Compares Boko Haram To Ebola, Criticizes FG For Moving Prisoners

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Pan-African socio-political group has criticized the Federal Government’s decision to move Boko Haram prisoners to a prison in Anambra.


Speaking at an event celebrating the late M.K.O. Abiola, the group’s spokesperson Yinka Odumakin stated that the prisoners were meant to be kept together, not spread across the country.

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“Moving Boko Haram Prisoners is like spreading the Ebola Virus which is supposed to be confined,” Odumakin said.

“We, the South-West people, kick against moving the prisoners to South-East Nigeria. We should contain Boko Haram and not spread it.”

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“Also, one of the issues that have increased the incessant bombings in the North is the removal of military checkpoints. I will use this opportunity to plead with the federal government to restore military checkpoints where insurgency is at its peak,” Odumakin stated.



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