A Case Study: Nigerian Artists And Their Imaginary Haters

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If you follow my personal column on this lovely site you’d know that I don’t actually write music articles except on these two exceptions

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But when you look past my love for sports and technology you’d definitely find a music lover in me. I listen to a lot of music (Foreign and Naija) even bizarrely to the once I don’t understand…**cough, cough Olamide and Phyno**. I think it’s about time I write another article on music and this time it’s on a rather concerning topic


There’s this new trend in the Nigeria music industry whereby most of our artists tend to churn out hate songs. They all they have haters, even the upcoming acts that nobody actually knows think they have haters preventing them from ‘blowing’. Am talking about artists who can’t even sell a copy of their album on the streets of Onitsha market. We don’t even know their names, yet they possess some kind of imaginary haters. Anyways lucky for them they aren’t my case study for this article, that privilege goes to our dear Marvin crew (No disrespect guys)


After listening to ‘Amen’ by  D’ija I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Some might call it a Christian song but it’s a song that’s generally centered on HATERS, but to be honest here it’s not only D’ija who is guilty of churning out songs like this. The whole Marvin crew have recently been spitting about ‘haters and bad belle’ for months (Looku Looku- Marvin Crew, Katapot- Reekado Banks, Amen- D’ija). Some might say I’m in no position to give an advice but I’d give one anyways, A quick advice to The Marvin crew “You’ll are good artists especially D’ija but don’t be in a hurry to make good music, in fact no hater is pursing you anywhere”
The problem with Nigerian artists is that they hardly take time to write a good music and be creative. They spend all their time talking about beef, at times I begin to wonder where all the hate is. Not everyone will admire you but the whole ‘Hate Episode’ is just in their heads.

If Nigerian artists maximize half of the time they spend on ranting about imaginary haters on writing quality, creative well thought songs they might finally win the much eluded Grammy Awards instead of wasting tax payers money on visits to the Staples Center without even being nominated.

At long last you might think that writing this article means am also a hater well everyone is entitled to His/hers opinion





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  1. You write poorly really. And since when did they start using tax payers money for their trips? Like seriously? Were you bored when you wrote this?

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