9 Ways You Can Effectively Manage Your Anger And Live A Healthy Life

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Anger comes in different forms and shades. Anger is almost completely a negative thing but has a slight positive attribute of helping one find positive realization. Having a proper understanding of the things that get you angry would go a long way in helping you know the ways you can keep your emotions from controlling your actions and how you can deal with your anger issues in a way that it would become productive.

The first step in determining if you’re an angry person is to ask yourself if you’ve got a temper.
Having a temper doesn’t mean you go about throwing things, hitting people or screaming. A lot of the times, it is masked by passive aggressive behaviour and use of vindictive words that sting and hurt emotionally. This temper usually develops as a result of anger and if not properly managed, it can ruin your relationships and hurt you for a life time.

Anger usually arises when you have a victim mentality. A lot of the time, an angry person feels they are being wronged by others but realising that your anger allows other people gain control over the way you feel. Manning up and taking responsibility for your actions would open a whole new chapter for you.

Here are 9 simple but wonderful tactics you can employ that can help you gain control of your emotions and become a compassionate and anger -free person.

Find an outlet
Ancient Indian and Chinese Medical Practitioners described emotions as things that get stuck in our bodies. These people saw emotions as subtle illnesses that can cause symptoms felt by a person if an outlet is not found for them to leave the body. You might want to ask what a good outlet for your negative emotions should be, but truth is it varies from one person to the other. Some people may release their negative emotions by listening to music, for others it may be by taking long walks and for you it maybe by confiding in someone. It is not advisable however to seek solace in alcohol neither in drugs.
Alcohol and an array of drugs are depressants and taking them when you’re already emotionally down would only make you feel worse.

Getting Healed Through Sound
People from ancient times have been reported to get healed from emotional and physical illnesses through the use of vibrations from sound waves. It is said that the sound waves unblock emotions from the physical body. People who have employed this form of therapy have reported feeling a ticklish feeling in their organs and bones when gentle sounds are made around their bodies.
Certain areas of the body made sounds different from other areas which was mostly dependent on how cavernous or dense the area was. The sound vibrations felt can be likened to the feeling of a thump in from the base of the chest.
Varying sound healing techniques now exist. Some employ musical instruments such as gongs, tuning forks and other ancient healing tools. It’s effectiveness in modern day management of anger cannot be overemphasised despite the fact that it’s an ancient technique.

Douse the anger to love
It is important you identify what part of you is creating your anger or the hatred and love you feel towards people and things. Perhaps, your wish is for someone to be a better person or you’re angry because you didn’t achieve your set out objectives. Maybe it’s because you are angry about something you said or did to the people you care about. A lot of the time, anger builds from our inability to meet up to our expectations. The moment things fail to go according to the things you planned, you might become frustrated and lash out. Also, when people say things that are unpalatable to you, you may get pissed at them.
However, it is ideal you take out time and critically assess the situation that got to you. Take out time to think of people you’ve known that have never bat an eyelid when provoked. Then think of people that have short tempers who would react to every single thing. The difference perhaps between these two scenarios is perspective.
If you see things from a loving perspective, you’d want the other person to be happy and as such focus on a totally different emotion. On the other hand, if you’re trying to heal your pain on your own, but the other person seems to be relentlessly having a go at, chances are you’d have no regards for their feelings.

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The best way our of anger is to let go of the way you feel and love the other person. See them as people trying to figure out themselves in a complicated world.

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