8 Signs To Know If Your Man Is Gay

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He Is Obsessed With Other Men

It is simply a subconscious behavior that every man does throughout the day without realizing it, that is to check out on the opposite sex. But when he starts to check out on other men regularly, instead of women, well, there is a problem. The next time you’re out or on a date with him, just pay close attention to where his eyes are roaming. If not women, he is busy checking out other men.

Flirty With Males

Guys keep male friends, but when the guy seems a little out of place with his guy pals, always hanging out with men in secluded areas and he seems to be a bit more flirty than normal, that could definitely be a sign that he’s playing for the other team. When he even spends the night with his male friends often he might be enjoying his best sexual moments. As men get older, the idea of having a party gets less and less exciting. In fact, the thought of having another guy spend the night is almost repulsive unless they are best friends and one will be snoozing on the couch. If this guy is spending a lot of his time at a guy’s apartment and overnight, he may be seeing this guy in much more than a usual friendly manner.

He Acts Like A Lady

It’s certainly a well known stereotype that gays tend to be a bit more conscious about the way they look and try to look perfect majority of the time. If this guy is just a little bit too perfect like his hair is always done nicely, powdered face, even well groomed eye brows, his beards perfectly shaven and his outfit is as fashion forward as it could possibly get with matching shoes and scarves then you need no one to inform you that he is gay. When he spends more time than an average female in the bathroom every morning, he might just be very metrosexual and care a lot about his looks but at least ninety percent of males aren’t like that. So pay attention to this.

He Idols The Top Male Celebrities

Gay men love male sexy celebrities who live lavish, over the top lifestyles. They love it because these individuals aren’t afraid to be out there and have all of the finest things in life. If this dude seems to idol celebrities with incredibly lavish lifestyle, then he may be gay.

 He Enjoys Watching “Girly” Television Shows

Most guys have this phobia for girly television shows. It will be hard to meet a guy who will want to sit through another episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” or “Glee” or any other stereotypical “girly” show on TV the way he will sit around and wait for the next episode of Game of Thrones, Tyrant and any masculine movies. But if a guy seems to be up to date on all of these female shows, it may be a sign that he’s gay.

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 He Speaks In Favor Of Gays

If he is fond of defending the gays and sees nothing bad in the act is a good sign to know that he is one. Most gay men will go out of their way to make it apparent that there is absolutely nothing wrong with gay men and they should be treated equally. And while this is absolutely true, most men won’t make this a usual topic of conversation. So, if this guy seems to bring up the gay community often and goes out of his way to make sure you know how okay it is, it may be a way for him to justify his sexuality.

He Despises Gays

On the other hand, some gay males especially ones who are not out of the closet yet, will go out of their way to show how much they despise gay males and the gay community altogether. It’s simply a way for them to try and hide their true feelings and make it seem like they are in fact, straight. If the guy tends to bring up the gay community in a negative way often, he might be trying to hide something from you and maybe hide something from himself too.

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 He Doesn’t Compliment Girls Normally Like Every Other Guy

When you wear a new dress or get your hair done, most men won’t even notice. And if they do, they’ll most likely say something like, “Wow, you look sexy” or “You look beautiful”. Those are just the normal things men say. They aren’t really ones for going overboard with hundreds of adjectives thrown into every compliment. But if this guy tends to throw out compliments that are simply not masculine and way too fashionable, there may be a problem. For instance, a guy shouldn’t be complimenting you on how well a girls red Gucci dress matches with your gorgeous high heels and how it would look even better if she threw on a leather jacket to tie the look together or that the hair looks lovely but she might want to go with a blunt cut since your hair is on the thin side. Hair and outfits are two things most men aren’t interested in nor know a thing about unless he’s gay.
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