7 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Cool When You’re With Difficult People

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The world is full of difficult and easy going people. Some difficult people have no specific reason for being the way they are and can purely be described as haters who dislike everyone and everything around them. More so, there are also people who appear to have problems with you specifically, for no just reason. These kind of people are hard to ignore and come to a compromise with mostly because the majority of people around don’t give them the attention they desire.
Tired of such people; never mind, here are seven tips that can help you deal with difficult people.

Keep Your Nerves
This is not an easy task given the fact that it is probably the last thing you want to do at that point in time. But know that for you to get through to such people and get a solution to whatever issues you have at hand, you would need to keep your nerves in check.

Count from 1 to 10
This method has been proven to work well when people find themselves in a tough situation with recalcitrant fellows. Simply steady your nerves, band count from 1 to 10 in your mind. Then you can see if they still make you go mad.

See How Others Around You React To That Person You Find Difficult
Take a quick survey of the reactions of people that are around you when the person confronting you is acting difficult. Perhaps, it could be only you that finds the person irritating. If you think that’s the case, see the next tip.

Yes, this actually works well. If you think someone around you seems to be particularly getting on your nerves, sometimes or even most of the time, it might be a good thing to keep their shenanigans to yourself. Not doing so might make other people perceive you as a weird person. But if that person has stretched you to a breaking point that you just can’t take it anymore, then the next tip would come in much handy.

Calmly Tell That Person How You Feel
You might see this as something that wouldn’t change much but surprisingly, this tip may just change everything. At times, people that appear difficult may have no idea they are irritating until you make it known to them. A good example was a colleague of mine who was used to playing loud music from his mobile device that everyone around seemed irritated by it. I calmly made this known to him one day without raising my voice. I simply told him that the loud music was upsetting and formed some form of distraction to me and some others at work. He said he felt bad that no one brought it to his notice earlier and he has made use of an earpiece since then. At this point, you might ask, what if i face the person politely and they don’t want to change a thing? Then you might want to consider reporting them to an higher authority which forms the basis of the next tip.

Report Person to a Boss or Someone They Respect
Reporting a difficult person to their boss or someone they respect can do a lot to bring out the needed change from them. For instance, if you have someone acting in an unbearably impolite manner at work, you may want to consider reporting them to a higher authority at work. Or if a difficult friend has a family member or person they have huge respect for, such persons may help whip them in line. They can be reprimanded for their behaviour which may help correct it.

Yoga and Meditation
Meditating is a good way of learning how to steady your nerves. It provides the needed training that helps you ignore anything that is detrimental to you. Perhaps, you might want to focus on this rule than any other because there will always be difficult people around and if you can’t beat them, don’t join them, but ignore them.



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