7 Things Ladies Do That Are Weird But Really Aren’t

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Women are complex creatures and just like the rest of the human species , they tend to do things that are weird from time to time. Some of these weird things might be due to our perception of them but if such are critically examined, chances are we’d realise that they aren’t really what we thought they were at first.

Here are 7 common things women do which we think are weird but they really aren’t.

Being afraid of the hair salon.

The fear of going to the salon didn’t just spring out of nowhere but is as a matter of fact rooted in trauma. The fear of determining what hairstyle to make and if it’s actually suited for their facial structure. The fear that the hairstylist didn’t get the exact style they want and they think the hairstyle isn’t giving them the ideal but makes them look like a scarecrow. This fear seems justified but very little people care.

Buying a pair of shoes that’s two sizes too small.

It’s common to hear women say they need a pair of shoes or fashion accessory and when you do, understand that they don’t mean it figuratively. Take note of the the fact that they keenly use the word “need” as opposed to using “want”. Literally, it means they need whatever it is to be cool and happy which is why they may make some sort of absurd decision when they’re shopping like buying some cloth in weird colours or buying shoes that are a size smaller than their feet. Never judge women for this because they are happy when they get what they “need” and helping them out will just expedite the process.

Leaving work to take a poop.

Workplace conveniences are usually uncomfortable to say the least. They’re usually not a peaceful place as they mostly look like a place from the pits of hell given the fact that they have to try and make noise to muffle the sound coming out from their bums. I’ve had my girlfriends tell me that when they take a glance of their workplace loo, all they think about is an absolute no. They’d rather take a chance and rush home if it’s a short distance from their workplace. Women are mostly scared of picking up an infection which is more likely from using a public toilet. As such, if you ever find a female coworker abruptly gathering her stuff and exiting the office, let her be as she needs a route to escape some things in peace.

Planning to marry a guy she hasn’t met.

Well, the guy might not know them yet but women revel in fantasy. Such plans are in their grand plan to get the guy of their dreams. Never judge them and allow them enjoy their time.

Thinking they’re pregnant every couple of minutes.

The concern of being pregnant may seem quite odd not until the minute women realise that a baby may be growing inside of them. It scares them silly especially if it is an unplanned one. Perhaps, after a woman has gone through the rigours of pregnancy before, she’s better at detecting it anytime it happens again and the fears are very much reduced. But until then, it’s good you don’t judge them for acting cranky.

Getting mad when someone tells them they wouldn’t date their best friend.

Women find the reasoning of people who think they shouldn’t be offended by this outrageously flawed. They see their friends as sisters whom they can share the innermost parts of themselves with. When men they know turn down their friends for no apparent reason, they feel offended to say the least because when their friends get hurt, they also get hurt too.

Buying Ridiculously expensive things.

Women love getting expensive material because it offers them better quality and resilience than cheaper materials does. Or rather, some things in life offers them such too but the taste or tendency to make them feel good is non existent. Those expensive material things women get promises them an all-around superb life and as such, love them for liking them but don’t judge them for their fetishes.



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