7 Signs Your Job Is Stressing You Out

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In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, where we have to do almost everything within the shortest time possible, it has become somewhat of a norm for everyone of us to learn how to mange stress. This is made even more so because we have to learn to live and manage stress more than ever before. The fact is irrespective of the amount of sleep you may get now, you just can’t help feeling exhausted or falling ill more often than not even though you know you are eating healthily.

There are obvious and subtle signs that the cause of your stress may be your work and if you actually know the root cause, it should be easy for you to make changes and adjustments that will do your health and your life in general a lot of good.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are constantly going to bed tired every night and despite your tiredness, you can’t seem to fall asleep, it may just be you’re stressed at work. Chances are you carried your worries and troubles from during the day to bed. The round and round thoughts of your troubles spinning around your head are bound to make you tired the morning after. You may also find yourself falling asleep as soon as you get home but your sleep is cut short in the early hours of the morning and you just can’t get back to sleep. If these scenarios sound farmiliar to you, then maybe your day job is stressing you out. For you to fight insomnia, you might want to take a bath and drink some warm tea before hitting the sack. You can also try a pillow mist which is known for its excellent relaxing qualities.

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Bags under your eyes
Bags under the eyes have been used from time immemorial as an evidence of lack of sleep. It may also be a sign of iron or vitamin deficiency. Moreover, they may also be an indication of severe stress and illness. So, if you’ve observed that you have bags or dark circles under your eyes, you may need to cut down on the stress and activity at work. Do this by paying more attention to the food you eat as well as your general lifestyle. You can also try making some lifestyle changes such as practicing meditation, going to bed much earlier than you’re used to and taking intermittent relaxing baths. If you are the type of person that has constantly had dark bags or circles under your eyes, it may be as a result of some form of genetic undertone or some underlying health issues and as such a visit to your doctor is important.

Skin problems
Experiencing frequent breakouts of pimples and acne especially on your face, chin or jaw line area are subtle signs that your work maybe stressing you out. Others signs of skin problems which relate to workplace stress may include extremely oily skin, dull or tired looking complexion and peeling or flaky skin patches. Being in good health and feeling happy with yourself helps your skin glow and as such when you realise that you have itchy or irritating skin, then perhaps you’ve not been eating well or maybe more seriously, your job is to blame. Worrying about issues you’ve got at work can have a great effect on your skin. To have a cool skin, apply moisturisers and cleansers. You can also make use of honey and sugar scrub which has been proven to have high antibacterial properties and a general soothing effect on the skin.

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Your eating habits have changed
Have you suddenly realised that your eating habits are different from what it used to be?It could be a warning sign that you’re heavily stressed at work. If you change your usual daily course meals from whole and filling foods to sugar, fatty foods and caffeine, it is an unwholesome sign of stress. These foods may provide energy but have it at the back of your mind they can have an adverse effect on your health and ability to keep your physical appearance in shape. In truth, fast foods provide the body with a quick burst of energy but you are bound to eventually feel tired and exhausted because sugar is processed much more faster by the body and as such you may suffer some form of slump in energy by mid-afternoon even as you find it hard to stay alert and awake while at the workplace. Foods such as almonds, fruits and sweet potatoes can help to significantly lower stress. Try also to leave your worries at the office while making as much effort as you can to eat fruits and nuts during the day. Try to eat a well-balanced meal at least once a day.

Skipping meals
The habit of skipping meals is dangerous to say the least because it may result in you feeling drained, tired and dull. More so, chances are your body will go into a starvation process which will result in it storing whatever food it gets as fat as the body doesn’t know when it will get the next meal. Chances are someone that is stressed at work would probably be skipping meals (especially lunch) because they would be too tired to eat. The habit of skipping meals should be avoided as much possible. Even when you don’t feel like eating, you could opt to take salad, fruits or nuts. Always have it in mind that food is the fuel that the body needs to fight off stress and skipping meals would only worsen your already stressed body.


You are always moody and snappy
If you find yourself constantly snapping and getting angry at your family and friends over the smallest and simplest of issues or maybe you find yourself being moody with coworkers and acquaintances for no just cause, it may be that work is stressing you out. It may be wise to take out time to study the way you feel about your job. Perhaps, it’s time for a change of job!

You dread going to work
Finding yourself in a situation where you repeatedly dread going to work may be a subtle pointer to the fact that you’re not happy with the job you hold. You may want to find out why exactly you feel the way you’re feeling. It may be because you have an upcoming presentation to give at work or you’re scared of an upcoming big project at work. Try not to allow your thoughts and feelings of stress bar you from enjoying what you do. You may want to speak with your boss or superior about the way you feel and they just may share some of the duties assigned to you with a coworker.

Truth is everyone experiences some form of stress or the other daily. It is important to discover what is responsible for your stress and make the necessary changes in your life. You only live once, so make sure you enjoy your life!

Are you stressed out at work? What do you do to relieve stress after a hard day at work?

Kindly share your tips.




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