7 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Everyday

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A whole lot of stuff has been written and a whole lot of things will still be written about the benefits of sex. However, a whole lot of the benefits written about sex and why couples should engage in it mostly centers around partners achieving orgasm. Some people seem to forget that to actually achieve orgasm, you have to be with someone you sexually connect with.

Of course, there are lots of articles that abound on intriguing sex tips which people that are not in a committed relationship can engage in so as to enjoy the self-pleasuring effect and benefits that come with sex, especially as it relates to having good and healthy orgasms. So, irrespective of the side of the divide you belong to, either as a couple or a solo being, check out this list of healthy side effects of sex:

Improved heart condition

The importance of healthy sex in relation to good heart activity cannot be overemphasised. Just like other forms of physical activity, studies have found out that sex is a tonic for good heart rate. Research has shown that the risk of a person who engages in regular sex and has good orgasms frequently having, suffering or dying from heart disease issues such as a cerebrovascular accident (stroke) or heart attacks is at the minimum. And if you’ve ever found yourself worrying about the physical exertion that comes with having sex and the effects it has on the heart, studies have also shown that the most sexually intense moments (assuming you aren’t unusually vigorous in your activities) gives off approximately the same amount of energy as it takes to walk at the rate of 4 to 6 miles an hour. And it definitely helps you, your heart, and your sex life to exercise and stay in shape overall.

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Sweet pain relief
It has been proven by psychologists that looking directly at your partner or even at a picture of them can help ease whatever pain you may be feeling. During the course of a research, some anesthesiologists showed people photographs of their romantic partners or photos of attractive strangers, and asked them to engage in a word game. They found that looking at romantic partners significantly dulled and reduced the experience of pain. So even though you may think pain is a barrier to sex, consider the pain that comes with sex as one of the benefits that is worth the time and effort invested in it. Make out time to take long states at your lover. Moreover, some other studies have also found out that another way women may get relief from menstrual cramps may be to achieve orgasm.

Less stress
Healthy sex has been found to offer almost the same type of soothing comfort and effects that sugary foods give as regards reducing stress. Researchers have come up with a theory that the reduction in stress occurs mostly because the pleasure pathways of the brain are triggered by sex, just as they are, for some, by sweet treats. And perhaps the effects of sex as a form of reducing stress has a much more last longing effect than we often think.

Cancer prevention
Other research studies have also suggested that men may be able to reduce the risk and chances of having prostate cancer proportionately by having their testicles appropriately stimulated and having frequent and good orgasms. While more research is on going on this subject matter, it would be a welcome development and sex benefit to all male folk.

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Better sleep
Although scientists do not have a good grasp of the way and manner in which sex helps to improve sleep patterns, ample evidence exists that it actually does. As such, don’t be surprised if you find out that you and your partner doze off the moment you’re done with a gratifying and fulfilling sex bout -and you both wake up hours later feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Better mood
If you’ve ever had sex, you’d know that post sex positive outlook that comes after. This can be explained from the angle of the various biochemical reactions that occur after sex which help to experience improved mood. This is a major sex benefit which we owe to the neurotransmitters which are released during sexual activity and other mood enhancers that are released with semen. And of course, there’s also that effect of the after sex feel that boosts your mood and that of your partners which come as a result of having some form of connection with someone you love.

Glowing skin
Everyone can relate to that fabled morning after glow that has been attributed to sex for ages. It is not just some fabled imagination as people really do look better after having sex. Sex has been found to help people look younger and the glow that is seen as been found out to be a combination of the flush of blood under the skin which is a part of the arousal process and a combination of good mood and stress relief.

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Enjoying a healthy sex life should be seen as one of the great joys of life to be lived and knowing that sexual intimacy can be a boost for your health as well makes it a more pleasurable thing to be experienced.

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