6 Social Media Posts We Must Put A Stop To Now!

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The advent of social media has eased the sharing of information which was hitherto time consuming. Nowadays, we can easily connect with friends and family with a click of a button from the comfort of our living rooms, bedrooms or workplace. Despite the ease social media has afforded us, it also comes with quite some pitfalls which all and sundry must strive to avoid. These pitfalls range from posting too much personal information which may get into the hands of fraudsters or people who may use such information against you in the future.

More so, it is important we learn to censor the kind of information we put on social media sites such as Facebook; Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and what have you, so as to avoid getting into trouble with the law. Some people are used to posting words or images that scream for attention which may be annoying to others while some of your acquaintances may just see such posts as stupid. Hence, we bring to you six common posts we are sure you may have made on social media at one time or the other which you may not have known your friends find annoying.

The Cliff Hanger
Mostly made up of words like “Ugh”, “Sad”, “Angry”, “Days like these make me so depressed”

Posts like these mostly mean you want people to comment by asking you what is going on with you. Obviously, a small percentage of your Facebook and BBM friends would be curious enough to ask you what is actually going on with you while the rest mostly know that you are being vague and want attention. These kind of posts are annoying to say the least. Please Stop.

The Shocker
“Going to the Hospital”, “Totaled my car”, “Survived an accident”

If you need to go to the hospital or you’ve just being involved in a domestic or road traffic accident, the last thing on your mind should be putting it up as a status message. It is definitely not the right way to inform your family and friends that something terrible has happened to you. If you’re healthy enough to put it on social media, then you may as well put a phone call through to inform them.

The Private Message
“I know your phone is on, pick up right now “, “Smh why do people have to talk about me behind my back , say it to my face.”

Is there really a need to put this on your social media wall? It is obvious that these status messages are directed towards a particular person. Stop this act and talk to them, messages like this only clog the news feed timeline.

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The Friend list Clearer
“Just cleaned out my friends list, if you’re reading this, congrats!”, “I’m deleting people from my life”

Oh, thanks a lot. It’s a pleasure to be on your friend list because you’re the most special being in the world and I can continue to stomach and read statuses of how much you’re cleaning out your ‘friend closet’. *Deletes*.

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The By The Minute Update
“Going to bed”, “Time for a shower”, “Class is so boring”, “BRB”

Well, you’re actually boring. What is the actual point of providing a by the minute update of your activities? Who are you actually communicating with? This could open you up to fraudsters and as such put a stop to it.

The Hashtag Warriors
“Going out with Bae! #gym #love #couplesthatlift #cardio #healthylife #getfit #getripped #strong #thebestihaveeverfeltinmylife”

Hashtags are much fun when used the right way. However, an overly Hashtagged post is nonetheless annoying and forms an abuse of its usage. People don’t really enjoy going through the stress of picking out what the words in your Hashtags mean. For instance, woulditbefunifIwroteallmysentenceslikethis, now you know how it feels like.

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If you know you are guilty of some of the six posts above on social media, it’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes. But now you know better.



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