5 Appropriate Outfits To Wear On A Flight

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I have once been on a flight that got me wondering if some of the ladies on the plane were getting off and straight to the red carpet.

Deciding on what to wear for a flight can be very tricky as there a lot of things one needs to take into consideration.

You want to look cool, comfortable, stylish and also keep warm all at the same time and that’s like enough task on it’s own. We have put together 5 outfit ideas we think would be perfect for the plane.

Check them out below!


jumpsuit topshop


There is nothing more comfortable and stylish as a jumpsuit. This piece of clothing is fashionable and can keep you warm all through your flight. Pair a comfy jumpsuit with equally comfortable sandals and you are good to go.


topshop denim

The boyfriend jean is probably the most comfortable in the denim range. It’s free and very relaxing. You can pair with a soft white tee for super relaxed & trendy look.



The advantage to sporting a jersey maxi dress is the fact that you appear sexy while keeping the breeze off your legs on the plane. Jersey maxi dresses are also super stylish so it’s a win-win situation.



It can get really cold on the plane so a cardigan is essential to keep you warm and cosy through your flight. You can pair a dressy cardigan with skinny jeans for that chic look.



This is such an edgy and sporty combination. You can opt for a printed leggings  pairing it with a vest or cute crop tee and sneakers for a modern luxe look.











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