40-Year-Old 50 Cent Claims He’s Worth $4.4M, Says Cars Are Rented & Jewelry Borrowed

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50 Cent says it was all for the GRAM….

The rapper claimed all that wealth he rapped about and flaunted on social media was just a facade.

According to reports from Page Six, the 40-year-old rapper who testified about his finances in court Tuesday morning, said that his over-the-top displays of wealth are all smoke and mirrors.

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“Those cars were rented,” admitted Curtis Jackson.

“It’s like music videos, they say action and you see all these fancy cars but everything goes back to the dealership,” he added.

The rings, the chains?

“I borrowed from the jeweler,” he admitted.

He also said he wears a plastic Casio G-Shock..

The rapper told the judge his net worth is actually just $4.4M when you factor in all his debts and that he only made 10 cents off each of the 38 million albums he sold.

Ya’ll believe him?




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