4 Simple Trendy Hairstyles For short Natural Hair

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Thinking of porting to the natural world or you already have and you need to be stylinspired? These are some of the four simple trendy hairstyles for short natural hair:

1.       The bantu knot out:


The bantu knot out is a way to great voluminous curls but can be very tricky because your hair has to be very dry before you take it out. This hair is very cheap and doesn’t need a lot of tools to do it. You can rock this in different ways and can last for days if properly taken care of.

hair and beauty, 360nobs
1 day old bantu knot

2.       The Puff:

This should be a go to for hairstyle for almost every hair because it is very simple to do and you don’t really much tools to get it done. If your hair is too short, you can use kinky hair extensions. You could spice up the hair with fancy hair combs, scarves, alice band and any other type of hair accessories.

hair and beauty, 360nobs
Beautiful puff, a simple everyday go to hairstyle

3.       The Turban Bun:

This is very close to the puff except your hair is styled to the front of your head rather than the middle. This style imitate the turban scarf tied to the front. It is simple to do and you don’t really need much to get it done. Just the like the puff, you can add kinky hair extension to your hair. It can also be spiced up with scarves, hair combs and your favorite hair accessories.

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hair and beauty, 360nobs
The turban bun can be spiced up with your favourite hair accessories

4.       The Curly Fro Hawk:

This is also known as the faux hawk. It is a funky way to wear your natural hair. From a bantu knot out, you can turn your hair to a curly fro hawk and you need a lot of bobby pins to put it in place. It is chic and you can rock it to that event. You can dye it any color you want to make it more “fun”.

hair and beauty, 360nobs
The curly fro hawk; chic and hot hairstyle for short natural hair

These are easy go to hairstyles for natural hair. Which is your favorite?

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