#360DIY: Homemade Natural Makeup Setting Spray

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DIY natural makeup setting spray

Ever wondered how to make your makeup stay longer without spending much? Then you need to read the steps on how to prepare homemade natural setting spray highlighted below.

Makeup setting spray allows your makeup smoother and vibrant all day long. Setting sprays help to prevent your makeup from falling apart; it has strong staying power that keeps your makeup in place for a very long time. They are available everywhere in the market but can be very expensive to get. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. With cheap ingredients and easy steps, you can make your setting spray in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is follow these steps highlighted below:

1.       For Glycerin Makeup Setting Spray:

What you need:

–   1 tablespoon of glycerin

–   4 tablespoons of water

Put water and glycerin in a spray bottle. Shake it gently to incorporate the water and glycerin. To use, spritz three or four times over your face from an arm’s length after you have finished applying your makeup and let it air dry.

2.        For Rosewater Makeup Setting Spray:

What you need:

–   1 tablespoon of aloe-vera gel or glycerin

–   ½ cup of rosewater

Mix all the ingredients together and pour into a spray bottle. After you’ve applied your makeup, spray on your face three to four times at arm’s length and let it air dry.

This works perfectly just as every other makeup setting spray. Make sure you adhere strictly to the measurements of the ingredients. Do not use too much glycerin to avoid your makeup from getting oily. This is a must try DIY as it is easy to do and saves you a lot of money. I mean, water, glycerin and aloe-vera are everywhere, it wouldn’t hurt to try. So try today and use the comment box to gives us your feedback.

Note: if you have any DIY tutorial you want me to put up, please use the comment box also. I will be glad to be of help.

Image and Tutorial Credit: addiction bbm channel

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