3 Ways In Which Money Will Never Make You Happy

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“If I had more money, my life would be much easier, happier and brighter!”

This statement is a common one that we all hear everyday from different people from all walks of life. We doubt there is anyone on the face of the earth who hasn’t thought of being rich at one time or the other. It is somewhat a sure thing that most of you reading this have thought of being rich at some point in your lives. Well, a lot of rich people think this way too. The fact is, money can control your life and can completely change it. However, It will never make you happy. It may help you get more power and boost your confidence but it doesn’t guarantee happiness.

In the fast paced world of today, we all spend loads of money on material things that are trendy and of course, they bring us temporary happiness and some form of societal acceptance. But the real question is are we truly happy? Will the happiness be a short-lived or a long term one? Perhaps not. For this reason, we have compiled a list of some of the reasons why having more money may not necessarily make you happy. After reading this, you may have a different perception of the true meaning of life and what purpose money should serve.

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Money is perhaps the number one culprit when it comes to stress. Truth is, no matter how poor or rich you may be, you are constantly under some form of chronic stress.  The irony is while the poor people and those who fall within the middle class try as much as they can to become rich, the rich also strive not to fall into the poor bracket. This will result in a situation where all classes of people are constantly thinking and trying out new ways of getting money. Some will end up struggling with debts why others will get into trouble in the process. Bottom line is you end up putting in so much effort that may result in a waste of time and an adverse effect on your health. Remember, “Big money – big problems”?

When you’re chronically stressed, it may result in your battling anxiety and hypertensive issues. In truth everyone needs money, but would you be happier when you suffer a heart attack as a result of a chronically stressed heart?

Failed relationships
The list of studies that show that money sits on top the list of reasons why people have failed relationships are countless. Fighting over money is perhaps the fastest way to severe friendship and love ties. People at different times have changed their attitude after someone lent them a huge sum of money by refusing to call or text irrespective of how long you may have been friends with them. Such behaviour maybe seen by one party as an attempt to put an end to the friendship as a result of money.

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In truth, money can be evil if one’s perception of it is skewed. You might be happier if you have just enough to take care of your needs and make you comfortable and you could be sad if you base your life solely on its pursuit.

It is important for us not to allow money ruin the relationships we have with parents, siblings, friends, spouses or coworkers. Try as much as you can to let go of your obsession with money by changing how you think about money and you’re guaranteed to be happier for it.

Money is addictive
Money is addictive to say the least. The feeling of being addicted to money is akin to the kind of feeling people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs reportedly feel. The thought that crosses the mind of a person addicted to money is to make more of it every single day that passes. When a money addict is unhappy, the only thing that could make them smile is having more money to spend on frivolities. However, having money to shop endlessly will never make you feel better. Don’t allow your addiction to money dictate the way you live your life, instead take steps to remove the addiction from your life.

Money can be the solution to a whole lot of problems but it surely cannot solve everything. It’s never too late to start changing the way you think about money and getting to value the friendships and relationships you have around you more. The world of today is obsessed with having more money which is why it is important to remind ourselves of things that are as precious, even more so than money.

Things such as family, happiness and love are irreplaceable. Money can be a useful tool in attaining your goals but it might not be enough to make you happy. Have this at the back of your mind whenever you think money is enough to solve all problems.

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Do you think money alone is enough to solve all problems? Do you want to become rich? Why?



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