3 Noticeable Similarities Between Buhari And Obama’s Presidency: Photos From Meeting

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The President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari paid a courtesy visit to the world power (US) to discuss with President Barack Obama, issues affecting the country with the growing insurgency in the North-East expected to be a priority.

Here, according to a Professor of Economics at Allegheny College, Stephen Onyeiwu, are three striking similarities between the dawning of the government of both Presidents below:

– Like Buhari, Obama not only met an empty treasury but was also saddled with a whopping debt burden of about US$10 trillion – or 72% of GDP.

– Both presidents also inherited expensive and drawn-out wars which they pledged to end. Ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was a major mantra in Obama’s election campaigns in 2008. In Buhari’s campaign a major platform was the promise to end the scourge of Boko Haram.

– Just as Nigerians clamoured for change during the last elections, Americans desperately wanted change in 2008.

Here are also photos from the highly publicized meeting below:

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