25 Amazingly Fun And Gross Facts You Never Knew About Your Butt (2)

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The first part of the 25 Amazingly Fun And Gross Facts You Never Knew About Your Butt gave you an insight of things you never know about your buttocks. Here is the concluding part.

Butt Augmentation
Butt augmentation is usually done using your own body fat. Excess fat is taken from another part of your body – usually your stomach and then implanted in your butt. This process usually ensures that future fat is being deposited in your butt instead of your belly.

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Kim Kardashian’s Famous X-rayed Butt
Kim Kardashian famously X-rayed her butt as a way of proving that she didn’t have any form of butt implants. However, the X-rays were never scrutinised by any medical professional, who possess the expertise and knowledge to discern the signs of ass implants. Perhaps, the talk of Kim K having butt implants is still up for discussion.

Men Get Butt Implants Too!
Statistics show that out of a 100% of people visiting plastic surgeons for butt implants, 10% are actually men!

Butts Were Made For Sitting!
Evolutionists say one of the primary reasons humans developed buttocks was to provide a means and perhaps comfort for sitting.

Greeks Have An Apt Description
The Greeks are said to have an awesome word which when interpreted in English means “Awesome Butt”. The word is called “callipygian.”

You Can Die From Pooping Hard
Some deaths have been documented to have been caused by pooping too hard. Scientists have reported that this may happen when a person puts in too much effort into pooping which may result in an increased blood pressure. The increased blood pressure may shake loose a blood clot or burst an aneurysm that may cause a condition known as deep vein thrombosis which inadvertently results in death.

Smelly Fart
Almost 98% of the gases that make up your farts are oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane. These gases do not give off any form of offensive odour. The gas responsible for the odour are sulphur compounds which make up the remaining 2%.

Anal Abscess
If faecal matter clogs the glands in your anal region, this may result in an abscess which could be an indication of an infection. If such infections are left untreated, it may grow become serious enough to grow into a cheek which will become filled with pus. This may later require require the pus to be drained.

Because of the absorptive nature of the buttocks, chugging beer, wine, or hard liquor up your butt (“butt chugging”) is a dangerous exercise to embark on. When alcohol is ran through the mouth to the liver and kidneys, you retain the ability to vomit when you’ve had too much. But when you have butt chug, this ability is lost and you may just butt chug too much and die. Simply put, don’t try it at all!

50 Shades Of Butt
There are at least fifty different English slang words and synonyms for your butt.

Erotic spanking has been recorded for long in history books. Ancient carvings and writings tell of men whipping and spanking women in erotic poses. History of Victorian England tells of English aristocrats that loved the art. Hundreds of thousands of pornographic pieces involving spanking were reportedly made during the period.

Children And Butt
According to the psychologist Sigmund Freud, the “anal stage” is the second stage of a child’s early development. This stage comes right after they let go of their fascination with putting everything in their mouths. They become engrossed with their butt and in some cases fascinated with their poop before noticing their genitals.




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