15 Things Our Girlfriends Should Never Tell Us For The Good Of Our Relationship (3)

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In the first and second parts of this article, we highlighted varying salient points that are quite important in ensuring that our relationships are of the highest standards. These points were mostly based on things that might change our thoughts and attitude when brought to our notice.

Here are the concluding points:

That chivalry is dead

Some feminists oftentimes dismiss or take for granted basic etiquette displayed by guys as unnecessary. It is somewhat funny if you’re the type that doesn’t like well-mannered men who always holds the door for you or waits for you to stay at a table before he does. By declaring to your guy that chivalry is dead, you’d only be giving him permission to treat you in a less gentlemanly manner which you’d end up hating and he might get to enjoy doing so.

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That you’re not the type that enjoys romance

You may not be the type that enjoys the usual thrill and frill that accompanies romance and romantic outings such as weekly outings, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries or exchanging gifts during festive seasons because you just don’t enjoy such. The problem with this is that despite the fact you don’t like or want some of these things at the moment, a time may come when you will crave such. It’s unwise to make him look like a fool when he strives to be romantic. It’s way better not to let him in on this if you’re the type who doesn’t enjoy such except you want him to feel comfortable and lazy in the unromantic zone.

That you’re laughing at him

It’s normal for guys to act in a funny way especially when we are not in the mood for hilarious stuff, mostly because we may be stressed or trying to get to a place in a hurry. It could be he wore his pants inside out or he accidentally tripped while walking fast. In truth, it is hard to resist laughing at such unfortunate situations as it is mostly funny to watch someone trips and falsl which is hilarious to everyone around except him at that point. It is best to avoid laughing out loud in such situations and much better not confessing to him that he’s the one you’re laughing at. Instead, you can just tell him you remembered some hilarious stuff that happened at work previously. He’s bound not to ask you the details as he’s probably not in the right frame of mind. You can also choose to say, “I’m not laughing at you. It’s the situation that’s funny.”

That you’ve been proposed to already

It’s best to keep to yourself all official and unofficial marriage proposals you’ve received from men. This is even more so if you’ve got any plans of spending the rest of your life with him. You might think it makes you a “wife material” who is a lot more desirable when you mention how much other men want to spend their lifetime with you but you’re as a matter of fact reducing the chances of him trying to stage a one-and-only moment, and perhaps also robbing yourself of another engagement offer.


That you’ve had several abortions

Very few men would not be upset on hearing their girlfriends have had several abortions. Being upset is some sort of knee jerk reaction men feel towards such news. We have a poor understanding of how the female body works and as such don’t have much of an inkling into how women feel about unwanted pregnancies or whatever made her arrive at a decision to go for an abortion. So if you can avoid it, it is best to spare him the pain of trying to explain how many abortions you’ve had and why you had to go through the pain of it. Except if you really do feel like sharing such news with him which you absolutely have a right to. However, the caveat here is that you shouldn’t be surprised if he asks questions that need you to explain the abortion procedure in depth and reassure him that your body parts are as intact as they can be.




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